WRITE w/us


At Telling Hearts, you may be a contributor with us,  (no monetary pay!).

These are the guidelines to consider:

  1. Posts may be 150-500 words in length, or 500-1500 words in length, but not to exceed 7 minutes average reading time.  If you think you would like to write longer posts, then you might consider breaking your piece into “parts” (part 1, part 2, etc.) and sharing on different days.
  2. Most topics that would align with Christian world view or lifestyle,  would be acceptable, but we would guarantee publication to no one.
  3. We will edit and publish when  we are satisfied, expecting only to correct accidental grammar or mechanic mistakes. We will ask that at least one graphic per post here, feature a HEART.  If you are a contributor here, we will provide you with a signature (sign-off) graphic which features a life verse or motto, and a heart…. If you at anytime wish for your work to be pulled off of the blog, just tell us in text please.
  4. Contributors are invited to submit *an introductory paragraph, *a picture, and *links to 3 other blog or social media endeavors, for our “About Us” page.
  5. If you are a contributor, we ask that you obligate to at least one post per month, submitted independently, and participation in at least one Telling Hearts link-up PROJECT  (where we share from our hearts on a particular topic) per month .  Minimum contributions per month would be two published posts in any category as the exception, for particularly busy times of your life.
  6. If you can not meet this obligation because of extenuating circumstances, please let us know.  If your presence (or lack of presence) seems to reflect carelessness or inability to contribute monthly according to expressed policy  then we will kindly delete your intro, bio. and links after two months.
  7. You are allowed 3 links with in your blog post here, to other Christian blog(s) or social media that represent you.  Links to Christian content and encouragement is a wonderful thing!  We ask only that it be incorporated appropriately, and that it does not come across as self promotion above integrity.
  8. If you contribute, we ask that you at least publicize (share socially) the post which features your writing.
  9. If you are interested in being a contributor, or you have questions, you may message us via the contact form.  Be sure to leave your link.
  10.  We are always open to suggestions, and we appreciate cheers and encouragement!
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