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Join Us in Making JESUS the Lord of your Life

~Christian life testimonials~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Personal Testimony of Journey to Meet and Live, for Jesus Christ (part 1)BY RITA~


~Going out on a limb~

Paper Hearts~

Beyond Embarrassment~

Good Gifts


~Going out on a limb~


~An Open Letter to My Son~

When God turns hurt into amazing revelation.

~Creative Writing~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Are ya Snooty or Good Fruiti?~

Are You Promoting Misconception of Self Perception?~

(poem & scripture)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Speak to My Heart Lord!~

Lunacy and Pride~

Mercy and Grace

Speak to My Heart Lord!

~fellowship~Introduction to Telling Hearts Fellowship Series, 6/2018~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Introduction to Telling Hearts Fellowship Series, 6/2018~


~sharing heart to heart~~~~~~~~~~~~

~Introduction to series: The POWER of WORDS~

Going out on a limb~

A Perspective on Aging by Someone Over-the-hill~

Busy in Life