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MESSAGE OF SALVATION: salvation message 2 Know where you are going when this life is done:Join Us in Making JESUS the Lord of your Life

“What the Bible means to me”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Jesus~Join Us in Making JESUS the Lord of your Life~


Join Us in Making JESUS the Lord of your Life~



The Father ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The Holy Spirit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Introduction to Telling Hearts Fellowship Series, 6/2018~


PRAYER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


New Testament ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Old Testament~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sometimes, You Have to Look Beyond the Sacrifice~

Psalm Devotion: Why David Was a Man After God’s Own Heart~

No Longer Exiled: Part One, Hosea~

Introduction to the Book of Proverbs~

Introduction to a Psalms Devotional~

Introduction to Devotional Series on Ecclesiastes~