One More Proof of God’s Love

“And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”

Genesis 1:25

Ecosystems are amazing. Each and every aspect of a biological community works together for the good of all. There are so many diverse creatures on earth, and they all have a purpose in the chain of life. There are jungle animals, zoo animals, ranch animals, and ocean animals, just to name a few. But while people might enjoy exotic species on TV or in person once in a while, the animals that most affect people’s lives today are pets.

Cats and dogs are like little love factories. Sure, a cat can take care of mice sometimes, and dogs are good watchmen and protection agents, but the main purpose for these animals is companionship. They just make people’s lives a little brighter with their presence. On a bad day, a wagging tail or a friendly purr can make the world seem a little less harsh. On a lonely night, the warmth of a snugly pet can prove without a doubt that you are still worthy of being loved. In fact, pets are a constant reminder of the great God who loves His people so much that He took the time to make creatures whose main purpose is to love and be loved.

See, He probably didn’t have to create cats and dogs. The food chain would likely go right on humming without them, and ecosystems would almost certainly be just fine. But, God knew His little dirt people would always need to feel closeness and connection, and sometimes other people would not be able or willing to do the job. So, He created pets, animals who need to be taken care of, but more often than not take care of their people. 

God created an amazing world, everything after its purpose and kind. Pets are tangible evidence of God’s love spilling over into His creation and onto His people.

Hope you enjoy these pictures of my pets. We have three German Shepherds (Xena, Leo, and Angel), two cats (Mina and Nichta — pronounced Neek-ta and Greek for “night”), a Chihuahua grand-dog (Athena), and a kitty-grand (Bubby).

Xena, Angel, and Leo (Xena’s son)
My son Alan, my grand-dog Athena, and me
My daughter, Olivia, and my grand-cat Bubby
My husband Paul taking Angel to the vet
A picture of Nichta made with YouVersion Bible Ap


  1. What a beautiful family!! I agree 100% and I just love how from the wellspring of your heart, came praise to the father on this gift of pets. Secondly, guess what Angela….. Apparently I subscribed via e-mail to our Telling Hearts blog and so THIS POST was delivered into my e-mail. I clicked on it. It looked beautiful and I clicked on the COMMENT tab at the bottom and then the site opened so here I am. SO COOL !!!! Nice work and thank you for writing at Telling Hearts. You make my heart smile.

    Liked by 1 person

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