You are Not Perfect?

Stressed or anxious ever?

You are not perfect?

Your home not magazine or blog worthy in every corner?

Your kids make mistakes and blunders?

Your parenting has room for improvement?

Some relationships in your life fall short of your wishes?

Not all your dreams came true?

Losses pulled your insides out?

Felt like running away before?

Tired weary traveler sometimes? Maybe now?

I have felt all of these. Thought all of these.

Lord Help Me to be More Like My Dog

Lord, help me to be more like my dog,

I need to be grateful and in the moment,

Happy with my present blessings,

Food to eat,

Some acceptance and pets…

Really this should be plenty for me,

As long as with my human

Heart, mind and soul

I keep

Pleasing YOU Lord

My ultimate goal!

No I know that alone,

I’ve no hope of this, But with Christ’s blood,

I am washed…

Of all that’s amiss,

Glory to my Savior,


At times You know I am desperate,

Please help me to be

More like my dog

Tribute to Peanut the chi-wienie who showed up needing a home, in our community, Zoey the sensitive and sweet shitzuh we inherited from Aunt Joyce, and Sally the German Shepherd who I found literally in the middle of a busy highway in Texas, no homes or businesses visible…. You all complete our family, and I seriously wish I could be more like you….

This idea of being washed of all that is amiss, is salvation concept through Christ. If you want to know more about it, you can read this: Invitation to Invite Jesus to be Lord of Your Life.

If you value the clean reading, here at Telling Hearts, you can support our writing by sharing or subscribing…

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