Luke chapter 18: Nuggets of Wisdom

Challenge: read all of Luke 18

As we continue with our advent study, I want to encourage you to not only follow along with us, but to take time to study God’s Word and promises for yourself.  It’s nice to read and be encouraged, but let this be the beginning of us being intentional about studying God’s word on a daily basis.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Luke Chapter 18:

There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this chapter that can be applied to us in this season of advent.  Allow me to share a few.

The Persistent Widow: Never give up! Even if the situation involves people who are known to be unkind or unmoving, God is a God who can do anything and change any situation.  Never stop believing that God can change any situation or person!

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector: HEART POSTURE IS EVERYTHING! I believe this with my whole heart! You can have all the labels in the world: pastor, elder, deacon, etc. You can fast weekly, lead worship, be in the intercessors group, a mega-tither, or even a youth leader.  You can look like the perfect Christian to the entire world, but if your HEART is not fully submitted to God….if your heart posture isn’t aligned with God’s heart. You’ve gained nothing.

The Little Children and Jesus: Remember God is our Father. Come to Him just as you did when you were a child needing your parents.

The Rich and the Kingdom of God: You can’t buy your way into heaven.  It’s a lifestyle. One filled with sacrifice and selflessness.

Jesus Predicting His Own Death: God knows our beginning from our end.  Even when we don’t understand, He eventually makes all things clear. He will always warn us in some way or another. Just stay focused and know He has it all under control.

The Blind Beggar Receiving his Sight: It’s when we truly believe in the power of God that we learn to cry out to Him with a sense of desperation. Sometimes we have to put our desperation on display. Never be ashamed to cry out to God for help! He never disappoints when we cry out in heart wrenching faith.

Remember this,

The Bible may be an old book, but it is still relevant to us in this present day.  That’s why it’s so important to get into our Word daily because it gives us little nuggets of wisdom that keep us going and growing.

Until next time, Be Blessed!


This post is part of Telling Hearts’ Advent Series. If you missed the other posts, you can find them >>>here<<<. Thank you for visiting. We wish you a Merry Christmas (more of Christ ALL YEAR).


  1. Great little devotional today, Lady Whipp. Love how you pulled all those nuggets from this chapter. What a treasure chest of wisdom we find in the Word when we dig deeper! Thanks for sharing.


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