Luke 16 Devotional

Challenge: read all of Luke 16

What do I rejoice about from Luke 16? Mostly that I know Christ has come so even if I am measured against the law or standards set forth in Luke 16 and I do not measure up… I have the mercy of Jesus Christ to rely on. I am covered with His blood, redeemed of sin.

How about you?

You? If you do not know for sure where your soul will go when your body dies, I invite you to read this message, about the way of salvation through our savior Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary.

Luke 16 carries a heavy punch!

First, Luke 16:1-8 is a story about a shrewd business manager. I fear that I would not measure up. But then Luke 16:9-15 gives me a little more hope (that I would be pleasing to the Lord) because it is about honesty and priorities. Always we should serve God over money!

Then verse 16-18 hits hard again, warning that the law should not be changed from what God has set. Period.

17 And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.

Luke 16:17

NIV says “than for the least stroke of a pen to drop” rather than KJV “tittle of the law to fail.”

Makes it seem like every letter, every stroke of God’s law is important still today. I know I fall short.

But then verse 19-31 is power packed in a different way. There is a rich man on earth who has it GOOD. Lives in luxury and lavish, and apparently ignores the poor man named Lazarus with sores on his body who wishes for scraps and crumbs to eat. Lazarus dies and goes to Heaven to be with fore-father Abraham, and the rich man goes to Hades and is in torment when he dies.

He asks for Lazarus to be allowed to return to earth to warn his (the rich man’s) relatives. This request is denied. Heavenly logic or wisdom applied is that the truth was delivered by Moses and Abraham. Hearing it again will not change the outcome for those hard hearted, hard headed people, besides the “great gulf” prevents such travel of the dead between Heaven and earth. (Hmm. That brings up a few another subject for another time. Can you guess what?)

Reading chapter 16, makes me rejoice that my Lord was born… and made the way for me to be redeemed, and Heaven bound! For that I rejoice, this Christmas season and always! I am wishing you, the same joy in Christ,

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