Luke chapter 14: The Art of Selflessness

Challenge: read all of Luke 14

As we continue with our advent study, I want to encourage you to not only follow along with us, but to take time to study God’s Word and promises for yourself.  It’s nice to read and be encouraged, but let this be the beginning of us being intentional about studying God’s word on a daily basis.

This is a time to be selfless!

One of the lessons my husband and I are learning and teaching our children is the art of being selfless during the season. It’s easy to lavish each other with gifts during this time. We stress, overspend, and concentrate on all the gifts instead of the Gift Giver.

Verses 1-14 talks about humbling ourselves before God and allowing Him to be the One to exalt us.  We can pride ourselves on all the gift giving, but when we come before God, will that impress Him?

The Christmas season is an infamous time of depression for many people. The very people that support us during the year tend to disappear during the holidays.  It’s that moment of realizing you’re not truly family and it brings about times of depression, especially if you live any distance away from your actual family.  The parable of the great banquet reminds us that even when the people we’ve come to see as family disappointment us or stand us up, we have to remember that there are plenty of people still in need. Those people are all around us daily. Why not take time to open your doors and heart to them in this season?

The cost of being a disciple means acknowledging the fact that man will fail you, but we serve a Great God that provides numerous opportunities for us to serve. Even when we ourselves are struggling and dealing with our own emotions, there are plenty of people around us that need us.

In this season….

We have to be intentional about being selfless.  While the family time and gift giving are fun, not everyone has the same feeling. There are people hurting and lacking in this season.  Why not make it a point to serve others at some time during this season.  Open your heart and home to those who may not have much to offer in return.  The greatest way to celebrate our Savior is to live a life of servant hood to those around us and not expect a thing in return.

Until next time, Be Blessed!


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