Jesus, Name Above All Names

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Challenge: read all of Luke 10

The 10th chapter of Luke can be broken down into three main parts. Three parts that are crucial to our spiritual well-being, which easily transfers over into our physical/mental well-being.

The First Part…

The chapter opens with Jesus appointing 70, and sending them two by two into the cities He would be visiting Himself. As I read through the first sixteen verses, it seems apparent that He is speaking of His return.

His messengers are those anointed to preach and teach in His Name. There will be great judgment for those that will not accept His Word, or those sent in His Name.

The 70 returned in joy that even DEVILS were subject to the Name. But Jesus reminded them, the joy isn’t in the dominion but in the salvation.

The Second Part…

In the second part, a lawyer stands up to tempt Jesus concerning eternal life. He rightfully answers that the law says he should, “…love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” (verse 27)

Jesus tells him this is right, and that he should go and do that.

But the lawyer tempts him further, for justification… “…And who is my neighbour?” (verse 29) and Jesus proceeds to tell the parable of the Samaritan who showed mercy on the robbed and beaten man that both a priest and a Levite passed by.

Many people think the issue is that we are to show compassion on all, and we are. But that was not the intent here. The intent was to show who was the “neighbor”. Jesus asked the lawyer, after his parable, “Which…was neighbor unto him that fell among the thieves?” The “neighbor” was the one who showed compassion. Jesus said to go and do likewise.

The Third Part…

Starting at verse 38, we find Jesus being received into the house of Martha and Mary. These were Lazarus’s sisters. We know the story well, don’t we?

Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, clinging to His every word.

Martha worked hard to make everyone in the house comfortable. And she was a little bitter too, that Mary wasn’t helping her.

Jesus said Mary had chosen the one thing that would never be taken away from her. He didn’t say either woman was wrong, but it was obvious which was the better situation.

In Closing…

Putting these three parts together, we see a beautiful picture of life… the life that Jesus made possible on the day He was born into this world.

In spiritual battle, we have power over the enemy through the mighty Name of Jesus. But our victory cry should only stem from the fact that we, as believers, citizens of heaven. Ambassadors on earth of a hometown we’ve not yet visited.

In living out our lives, we are to strive to be kind and merciful to all who need it. And we must remember to love those who are merciful to us.

In working, we must never be so burdened, of our own free will nonetheless, that we miss His presence. The one thing that can never be taken away from us.

And after these things, the judgment. The final culmination of all that He came to be.

As we journey on towards our chosen celebration date for His birth, let’s remember that He came WITH a purpose and FOR a purpose. Glory to that might Name, Jesus!

If you missed other posts from this series, you can find them >>here<< You will have to click the “older posts” button a few times to see them all. We worked up one for everyday, Dec. 1-24, to cover all of LUKE. Thanks for stopping by to focus on God’s word with us!


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