December 7th, Luke Chapter 7 Devotional

As we continue with our advent study, I want to encourage you to not only follow along with us, but to take time to study God’s Word and promises for yourself.  It’s nice to read and be encouraged, but let this be the beginning of us being intentional about studying God’s word on a daily basis.

Allow me to encourage you with a few reminders found in Luke Chapter 7:

ONE WORD from God can change our lives! (vs 1-10) We don’t always need a big, spectacular event to happen for God to do what He does best. All we need is a simple word like, YES to change the very course of our lives.

God has compassion on His people. (vs 11-17) Things may not always work out the way we want them to or think they should, but God ALWAYS has compassion on His children.  Our answers may not come when we think they should, but they come in God’s perfect timing.

Expect the unexpected. (vs 18-35) Both John the Baptist and Jesus came in forms not expected by man, but they were the answer the world was searching for.  If you look with your natural eyes, you will find fault in everything and everyone. When you choose to look through the eyes of Christ, you will see truth in the unexpected and it will bless you!

You’re never too far gone to bless the Lord! (vs 36-50) No matter how many mistakes you make or how far away you’ve gone, it’s your posture that matters. Your HEART POSTURE.  This woman had a repentant heart and a posture of surrender towards Jesus. Regardless of her past (even up to the very second before she came before Jesus), this woman laid it all at Jesus’ feet and her sins were forgiven.


Today I pray you will be encouraged. Know that God loves you more than any mistake and He is far from ashamed of you! Know that He has compassion for those He loves and guess what? He loves ALL His children, including YOU! Don’t get so wrapped up in this world and their opinions that you fail to see what God is doing in your life….even the little things.  Take some time to come before the Lord and let it all out. Why? Because He cares for you and wants nothing but the best for His children!

Be Blessed!


  1. This chapter is so full of things to glean from! I really like how you hit the highlights and extracted the hidden gem in each! Favorite nugget here? EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! God loves to surprise his children doesn’t he? And he always does it in a way far beyond our expectation. Great post Lady Whipp!


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