Answered Prayers

To say that I believe in prayer is an understatement. I have learned to trust God, in that if I am seeking to live for God, even though I will fall short, I know that God has my best interest at his heart. If things don’t work out the way I want, or not, I trust Him.

But here are some times that I recall feeling that God answered my prayers in an amazing, perhaps almost miraculous way.

For Parents’ Marriage

There was the time that I prayed for God to use me to help my parents’ marriage. Some time after that prayer, I was struck by a car, as a pedestrian. When I was in rehabilitation, my precious parents, put their differences aside, and focused on supporting ME, my recovery. A sub plot in this story of answered prayer is that my dad had been very worried, and was praying in the hospital lobby that I would be healed. About 10:30 he all of a sudden got a peace, and assurance, that I would be fine. Come to find out, this was about the time that my grandparents’ church was praying for me, as my aunt later reported. My dad’s theory was that God honored the church’s prayers by granting healing, and honored his prayers to give him PEACE.

Much water under the bridge since then, but today my parents are the most precious couple, having been married for almost 60 years and besides some scars I have mostly been fine despite the accident injuries, primarily to my leg and knee. I do not blame God for the accident, but I credit Him for bringing good out of it. (Romans 8:28)

For My Cousin

Once I asked God to HEAL my cousin of brain cancer. God did not heal her body on earth. She went to Heaven to be healed, but when her body died, what a blessing that God allowed her family to see, literally, a little smile on her face as a tear rolled out of one eye, JUST AS SHE DEPARTED. Then God gave her widowed husband, an angel of a second wife to be mother to the child that my cousin left behind. I believe her to be Heaven since then, rejoicing with our Lord. When we pray in faith, we may expect GOOD to follow even if differently than we may have wished for.

For Romance

I prayed for God to give me, “Just a good simple man, to love, who would love me…,” from the little town that I was driving through. About a month later, some friends introduced me to that man… Oh me oh my! I had know idea how loaded that simple request would be! God gave me exactly that- a good simple man. We have loved each other for about 27 years now. Been married for 24.

For Christian Girlfriend

I prayed for a Christian girlfriend where I lived three different seasons, three different locations of living, when I felt in need. God gave me the most outstanding, sweet, precious friends. Often these friends shared a unique commonality with me that made it seem like an absolute GOD THING and I give Him glory and thanks even today.

I tell young women now, “Pray for it, a good Christian lady friend. I am convinced that is a prayer according to God’s will, and He WILL answer it!” You can read more detail, here.

For Baby Boy

Then there were the prayers for God to preserve and grow strong my premature tiny baby boy. Today he is a 6’5″, college graduate, happily married man. I wrote about some of the trials we went through, here, “Out of the Mire, and into Hawg Heaven.”

For Stranded Dog

There was this interesting prayer for a lonely stranded dog on the hwy that God heard, answered, and allowed me to witness more than six hours later. I wrote about it in my home-blog >>Grandma Mary Martha<<

For Daughter

My daughter went through a VERY WORRISOME time of stress and anxiety in lower elementary. I did many things to proactively respond to her need for healing, and I am convinced that PRAYER was the greatest tool to bring health. I prayed for her constantly, including in the middle of the night when I lay my hands on her sleeping body and asked God to heal her…. I am just grateful that He did. Today she is the hardest working, busiest, most accomplished high school student that I know.

On Creativity

And once, I prayed about a poem. I knew that I was to birth this poem, but knew it was to come from God. I had the desire and anticipation, and sought God for it almost desperately in prayer. One day it miraculously came rolling forth. It is GIFT to me, for me to share with who is interested. I shared about this poem last month, >>here<<.

Son of My Heart

Then there were so many prayers for the family of the young man that I call today, Son of my Heart. I tried to adopt him legally when he was a teen, and you can read more about that, >>here<<

… The effectual and fervant prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

James 5:16

Be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Philippians 4:6

Never stop praying!!

This post is part of Telling Hearts’ November series. You can find it >>HERE<< if you missed the rest of it.


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