God Answers Prayers From His Children

Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with God. It’s our connection. Sometimes we give a quick prayer of thanks on the go. Sometimes we are on our knees crying out in repentance or begging for a lost loved one’s salvation. However we do it, God answers prayers from His children. His ears are attentive to our cries. I hope you enjoy this compilation of stories about the times that God has answered prayers for me.

God Answers Prayers for Healing

One of the biggest prayers I remember God answering for me happened right after I got saved for real. I had always believed in God, but it wasn’t until God woke me up to the times we are living in (the end times) that I gave my whole life to Him. He filled me with the precious Holy Ghost, and He began the process of sanctification. During those first months, I went through a lot of deliverance. One night in my prayer closet, I spent about an hour repenting for my own sins and those of my family, breaking generational curses and soul ties. After those heartfelt, tear filled cries, God answered my prayers and broke a stronghold of depression and anxiety.

Another time when God specifically answered a healing prayer happened a while back. I was sitting too long in one position, and when I got up, my foot had gone numb. It buckled under me as I turned, and I heard a loud POP! My daughter had just had a similar incident the month before and spent weeks on a peg leg, but a after prayer just a few hours sleep, the pain was gone forever.  

God Answers Prayers When We Are in Need

Sometimes God’s actions on our behalf are obvious and unmistakable. Other times, we can’t always understand what He’s doing when He’s doing it. My blog journey started with a very obvious God wink, and He has been with me in it ever since then. But one time when I had a rough experience at work, I ran and cried to my Father. His answer to my distress was a verse of scripture that reminded me that even when I don’t understand, He has things under control.  

God has each of His children right where He wants us. It’s not a coincidence when we find ourselves in situations where the only thing we can do is pray. About a month ago, an incident happened at the high school where I teach. A girl was defacing property again and again, and there didn’t seem to be any way to stop it. And then I got the idea to pray.  

Sometimes God Answers the Prayers We Don’t Pray

As a strong, independent person, I don’t always want to ask for help. One time when I prayed for strength to do something myself, God answered the prayer I didn’t pray. He sent the solution to my problem in the form of a stronger someone else.

God Even Teaches Us How to Pray

The disciples asked Jesus how to pray, and He gave them the Lord’s prayer. If we are willing to listen, God is still teaching His children how to pray to Him today. One time, He used a piece of coconut cake and a God wink to show me how to pray a new way to get my own way more of the time.

Another time when I was reading through 2 Chronicles, He showed me an amazing truth behind the story of King Manasseh of Judah. Not very widely known, Manasseh was just one in a long line of kings who did evil in the sight of the Lord. But Manasseh’s story doesn’t end with evil. It ends when he turns his whole heart to God and changes his life and kingdom. It is a story that illustrates God’s great mercy for people, and it is one that gives me hope for my lost family members.

God listens to us when we speak, and He does answer prayers. He answered my prayers for healing and relief from distress, and He taught me two new ways to pray. The Bible commands us to pray without ceasing, and it only makes sense. When we are talking to people, we face them. We are to ever keep our eyes upon the Lord, and one way to do that is to keep in constant contact with Him, giving thanks and making melody in our hearts to the Lord.

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