November 2019 Series Introduction

Hello dear ones!

Welcome to our November series introduction.

This month we wanted to bring you stories of victories, answered prayer, hope, and inspiration for thanksgiving. Some of our posts are quite meaty with content, others are faster to read. All are encouragement for the Christian soul.

Thank you for visiting! We hope that you enjoy…

Jerusha shares from her heart, about her journey with her autistic son, into the high school years. She tells about how the small victories count, and lead to…. the expected bigger victories.

live November 13, >linked here<

Lady Whip expresses gratitude and wisdom in the face of a worldly fear. Let her remind you of the place where a Christian’s hope is to be stayed.

live November 14, >>linked here<<

Maryann exhorts us to have victory over grumbling. Be encouraged by her transparency, and true Bible wisdom.

live November 15, >>linked here<<

Our Longer Posts

(home-blog round-ups)

We space these DAYS apart, to give you time to delve in and enjoy the richness of encouragement from our contributors home blogs. Hear from these Telling Hearts about answered prayer, victories, and living with gratitude. This is wonderful sister sharing to come, and will be linked live as scheduled:

Telling Hearts November 2019 series is full of content about PRAYER, VICTORIES, GRATITUDE, with bonuses on DIY gift ideas, by lovely sisters who tell it messy, true, and wonderful, because we are His !
live November 16 >>here<<

Stacey Lynn Wells speaks from her homeblog on being grateful and blessed, even in times of stress and praising God for the victories. >>here now<<

live November 21>>here<<

Angela will warm your heart with her tales about answered prayers and our Father who cares. >>here now<<

linked here November 25

Tammy just might blow your socks off with her stories of answered prayers. True, practically miraculous, and quite vulnerable, here Nov. 25…..

And right now, to fortify you for your holiday preparations, we invite you to try Jerusha’s hearty lentil soup, linked >>here now<<<

Bonus, Handmade Gift Ideas

If you are in the market for some handmade gifts, we invite you to check out these craftie ideas right now:

seashell ornaments– all you need is seashells, hot glue, cardboard, and some fabric, ribbon, beads and delicate wire for embellishment. Check this out >>here<<

A sweet pick me up, for any day, have a closer look at the scripture jar, >>here now<<

Secret compartment hide-away book box. See how this craftie girl did it >>here<<

God bless YOU in the messy, true, and wonderful of this amazing life!


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