There is Always Hope with Jesus!



On 10/21 Tammy posted a video regarding the need for prayer/encouragement for an anonymous sister in our group struggling with suicidal thoughts. Since that day and while reading all the incredible responses since that time, I have felt more pressed upon in my spirit to share more on this than I already have because the issues of anxiety/depression are present in my life.

I considered a video, however I am more comfortable in the written form and the topic evokes emotions making it a struggle not to cry and be audible in video. And since this pressing feeling is not relenting, I sense the Lord wants me to relay it and I will trust that He will ensure that it is seen by the person(s) that will benefit from it. ❤

Very Personally…

Someone that I love very dearly, lives far from me, and he suffers with anxiety/depression. I live every day with the knowledge that this condition is a ride of highs and lows and everything in-between and I live with knowing the potential lies in this condition for him to develop suicidal thoughts.

My Mom lived with depression for as far back as I have memories. Her father suffered with depression. Others in her family suffered from it. I have never had a moment in my life when I did not know of its existence. There is a family history filled with it.

I, too, have suffered in the past with post-partum depression, situational depression and of more recent years during the fall/winter I struggle with seasonal sadness.

Lowest Lows

Though I have never been suicidal, I have in a couple of seasons of life been in such a deep, dark pit and void and numb of feelings that I felt as though it would not be a bad thing if I were not here….that things would be better if God would just please take me.

I explain all this just to say that things can and will get better!!!

There is Always HOPE

Lose yourself in scripture…..God speaks to us in His word. Dive into scripture to discover the beauty that awaits you there and watch Him transform you in His time piece by piece. Lean into Him fully, surrender all to Him completely. He is strong and mighty to shoulder those burdens you are carrying…..there is no one he cannot heal, there is no one he cannot save.

You may feel alone in your battle, but you are never alone….God is right there, I promise you. Also, reach out to a trusted friend, family member, pastor, this group, a competent counselor/physician, etc. God crosses our paths with people He uses to shine His light through to aid us. More people love and care about you than you believe. Even people that may not know you well or in person like us here at TWG….there is such a TRUE spirit of love and encouragement here for each other.

Titus Women’s Gathering linked here>>

If counseling is needed, please have no shame in that. I pursued Christian counseling 4 or 5 years ago and the healing God gave me through that has been life-changing.

And if prescription medication is prescribed, work with your counselor/healthcare provider to develop an appropriate plan to determine what medication, if any, is needed for you. If it is needed, please find no shame in that either. I took an antidepressant for 2 years for my postpartum depression….again,

On the Other Side of the Valley

In this current season of trouble, you may not be able to begin to imagine or feel that you will rise above this, but I promise you there is so much beauty on the other side of the struggle. You WILL come through to live in the freedom God gives you….girl you ARE gonna break free of the chains you feel you are living in! One day soon these trials will be your testimony and you will use it to share with others to help them through similar situations because you understand and have a story of God’s greatness to share.

God is so very good…nothing is wasted. In His time, you will see how God’s hand has been in it all and how He has always been with you and always will be.

You Need to Know…

You are beautiful, you are loved, you are a daughter of the King and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

Your rescue story is just around the corner and it is AMAZING!

Last Thoughts

Lastly, I want to again post the suicide hotline. I actually have this programmed as a contact in my phone….I want it at the ready should I cross paths with anyone in need. Just an example of how deeply this topic touches me.


I will also leave you with two songs that came to mind as I was writing this tonight. I hope you have a moment to listen closely to the lyrics. Let them sink in….meditate on them. I pray you find some comfort from them.

Much love and blessings to each of you!!

Eileen Johnson,

administrator Christian sister @ Titus Women’s Gathering- online fellowship of women according to Biblical model laid out in Titus 2:1-7

This was re-posted in our blog, from our closed facebook group, Titus Women’s Gathering, with permission of the writer, Eileen Johnson. We agree that the topic addressed is an important and sensitive one. If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, reach out, speak up, get help. There is always HOPE. The Lord’s blessings be upon you. His will be done in our lives, our hearts, and in the world.

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