King Jehoshaphat

Jehoshaphat Jehoshaphat,

I kinda wanna to be like dat!

I wanna serve my God with all I got,

My influence used for Him (my Lord)

Dunkin at the rim,

Willing to be rough and tough,

Over sinful stuff….

Anything that others put above, my Lord…

I wanna be ready to put right DOWN,

A king he was, and I’ll never be,

Though teacher, lover, I’ll forever be,

May I be a trail-blazer, a leader,

Among people in my sphere,

To point others towards

My Savior dear.

Yep. Jehoshaphat, Jehoshaphat,

I sorta wanna be like that!!

Jehoshaphat is a king in the Old Testament, spoken kindly of in scripture. He tore down idols, attempted public education to restore the people’s conscience and calling to serving the one true God. All of this was not necessarily pleasing in the sight of the popular contemporary culture at the time, but it pleased God. That is how I want to be! I want my morals, behavior, and even my politics to be ever shaped by the Holy Spirit, and pleasing to my God.

I have just come acquainted with this lesser known Bible character, as a blessing of my endeavor to read the Bible cover to cover. Some sisters and I are taking turns blogging about the chapters as we go. You can see Angela’s great index to this, here at her blog called No Longer Lukewarm. and my recent post where Jehoshaphat is a main character, is in this chapter 16 and 17 devotional for 2 Chronicles.

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The above post is from a monthly series at Telling Hearts. To catch the rest of it, you can go here to the introduction/index.

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