My poem: Miracle of Variety

How Great Thou Art on YouTube, is a creative accomplishment with a similar message as my poem…

Miracle of Variety

a poem first written on scratch papers, then in my journal to my children, then my first public blog, Grandma Mary Martha

This poem felt like a gift from the Holy Spirit to my soul. I was pregnant with this poem growing with in me for WEEKS. First the idea and the deep desire… prayer for God to give it to me. I knew it was to be. Then one day on my way to work, it started rolling into my heart. I grabbed scratch paper and wrote as the words came, and continued through out the day. At the end of the day, my poem from God had been born. All glory and honor to Him, our creator, and lover of our soul and giver of the best gifts. May this poem be an offering of praise back to the Father, every time it is read.

Enjoy my reading. You can see it in print at my first blog, Grandma Mary Martha

Genesis Chapter One Notes and Truth

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

…and every living creature that moveth…

...the beast of the earth, and everything that creepeth…

Ecclesiastes 12:1

Remember now thy creator…

All glory and honor to our creator, Father God.

This post is a part of Telling Heart’s October series. If you missed the rest, here is the >>introduction which is linked like a round-up as posts go live.<< May you enjoy and be encouraged.


  1. […] And once, I prayed about a poem. I knew that I was to birth this poem, but knew it was to come from God. I had the desire and anticipation, and sought God for it almost desperately in prayer. One day it miraculously came rolling forth. It is GIFT to me, for me to share with who is interested. I shared about this poem last month, >>here<<. […]


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