Experience the Variety

Happy fall, ya’ll!!

I don’t know ANYBODY that regrets the change of season. I happen to live in Texas, where the summers can be savagely HOT.

Speaking of HOT… here at Telling Hearts, I am so blessed to fellowship through blogging, with some sisters whose love for the Lord, and all things Bible… is HOT. It is my great pleasure to now introduce to you the good posts coming up:

~~These upcoming posts will be linked here, as they go live according to schedule~~

coming Sunday, October20, 2019:

Knowing Your Identity in Christ is Sure to Make You Smile

coming Wednesday, October 23:
a poem and scripture to give God glory due

Miracle of Variety

Then some sisters bring some lesser known Bible characters up for discussion. These writings will remind you how blessed we are to have ALL of God’s word preserved!!

coming Saturday October 26

King Jehoshaphat; I wanna be like dat!

About Shammah, son of Agee:

coming Sunday, October 27

Defend Your Little Lentil Patches

coming Wednesday, October 30

Faith vs. Fear: Opposite Rivals

As an extra special FREEBIE, also linked in the upcoming post, “Knowing Your Identity in Christ is Sure to Make You Smile,” below below is a printable worksheet that women and children alike may enjoy recording notes on for their study of Christian identity. It matters, and is key to alleviating worry and fear.

Be blessed this beautiful fall season. May we continuously grow in His love, courage, wisdom, strength, and grace, by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t know this work of the Holy Spirit, but want to? We offer this post about inviting Jesus to be your savior<<

Sharing on social media can help Christian encouragement propel forward. Thank you, from the sisters at Telling Hearts.

Oh before we close, would you like the recipe to possibly the best pumpkin cake in the world? here it is<<<


  1. Sounds like a wonderful line-up of great blog posts! Looking forward to seeing what you have to say on these topics.


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