1 Chronicles 27-29, Devotional

This edition of Blogging Through the Bible will address chapters 27, 28, and 29 of 1 Chronicles. We are reading and sharing thoughts and ideas on books of the Bible at a general pace of one chapter a day, three Christian sisters and myself. Angela has a fabulous index of these posts at her blog No Longer Lukewarm. Staceylynn Wells contributes at her blog Words from the Wheel, and Tatiana has joined us at The Musings of Mum. Some of our posts for this purpose are here at Telling Hearts, and many are at Grandma Mary Martha (my first blog).

Can I just say, WOW? I can’t get over how special this book has been to me, when I had previously been so (I’m gonna admit it) intimidated or irreverent about it. But there is bookoos of good stuff to glean from these chapters!

1 Chronicles chapter 27

Organization, Sophistication

Organization, sophistication, documentation, and plans, that’s what chapter 27 is about. The nation of Israel’s Army is described, and numbers documented, and best I can figure, army troops, 24,000, per specified commander are assigned duty one month out of the year. Isn’t that interesting time organization? Talk about innovative planning!! Read it! Just look up chapter 27 of 1 Chronicles.

Verse 16-22 seems to tell about governor type positions called leaders of tribes, and again an incident is mentioned NOT for the first time, about God’s wrath coming because of a particular plan to COUNT. Another edition of BTTB tells about that from another chapter, >HERE<

1 Chronicles chapter 28

Temple Plans Passed from David to Solomon

Yes indeed, David’s plans and ambition to build the temple for God, is discussed in this chapter, NOT for the first time. Also NOT for the first time, it is noted that the Lord told David that he would not do this feat himself because he is a warrior and has shed blood. In this chapter David hands over to Solomon his son, extensive plans for this temple as well as control of the resources to get this job done.

GENEROSITY, Blessings, responsibility

The riches to be incorporated into this elaborate temple, are described in chapter 28 in impressive detail (1 Chronicles 28:11-18). Additional key concepts from this chapter are “obedience begats blessings,” explanation of inspired design for the temple, and grand commission and encouragement from David as he passes the torch for this project.

Obedience begats blessing is a theme that reoccurs over and over in the Old Testament. The prophetic passage found in 1 Chronicles 28:7 says it well, as the Lord said to David, about Solomon:

1 Chronicles 28:7 I will establish his kingdom forever if he is unswerving in carrying my commands and laws, as is being done at this time. (NIV)

Inspired confidence is a beautiful thing in 1 Chronicles 28:19:

1 Chronicles 28:19 “All this,” David said, “I have written as a result of the Lord’s hand on me, and he enabled me to understand all the details of the plan.” (NIV)

The commission that David gives, as he passes the torch for this project to his son, is a beautiful message:

1 Chronicles 28:20 David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the Lord is finished.”

1 Chronicles chapter 29

GENEROSITY towards common goal

Chapter 29 (v.1-9) begins with more documentation of the generosity and enthusiasm for building this temple. Generosity by David, his officers, and anyone that had RICHES to give, silver, gold, precious stones. Seemingly as an act of worship these people gathered their riches and took them as an offering to be over-seen and applied towards this magnificent cooperative effort. Their common aim and desire: a temple to glorify and honor their true and almighty God.

Prayer and honor to God in humility

(v.10-20) is a praying scene between David and God. It is tender and deep. Two of my personal favorite parts are when David asks God for blessing upon his son Solomon (v.19) and (v.20) when David called upon the whole assembly (of general public observers) to “PRAISE THE LORD YOUR GOD,” and they prostrated themselves (v.20) in praise…

Then (v.21-25) Solomon is formally installed as king to succeed David, and (v.26-30) is documentation of David’s death, at at good old age. A life well lived, not perfect, but blessed and in fellowship with God.

The people gave so willingly for the cause of building the temple. Do we see this happen often today (giving generously towards a common goal for good, or God honor) ? Why or why not? What are the factors that sway on this?

David asked God for blessings from God upon his son Solomon and in this endeavor to build the temple. Do you ask God for blessings upon anyone in particular or any endeavor that you believe to be God honoring? Do you want to start, or do you want to add someone to your prayer list? Do you think God hears you and that prayers can be used for good results? Would David have prayed in that way, if he did not believe it had power or influence, or that God would not care about his prayers?

David seemed to have inspired confidence in this temple building project even though he understood that his first plan A (to build it under his own leadership) would not be permitted. Have you ever had a dream that felt inspired by God? What was it? Did it work out according to your plan A? Can we have sense of satisfaction being used by God, what ever our role is, even if it is not our plan A?

Have you ever prostrated yourself before God in praise or prayer when you were alone with God? How about in public assembly? What does the body language prostrate before the Lord, say? Do you think you will do it someday?

Dear Father in Heaven, I am in awe of your magnificence, your reach, your heart…that you would care to have a relationship with people even after and when we let you down. Thank you. Thank you for your love, your steadfastness, your provision, and the way you created us so that we can have the personal satisfaction of dreaming dreams, making plans, and working to make it become reality, especially if/when we are giving our utmost for Your glory.

You gave us individually different talents, and you gave us different jobs or roles to play. May we serve you where we are, with what you gave to us. May You direct our steps!! All glory and honor to you Father. We do not want to live this life with out YOU through Jesus Christ, our precious savior, in our life. AMEN

If you do not know Jesus as your savior and do not have peace about your eternal life after death, we invite you to read this message of salvation, here at Telling Hearts blog.


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