His Grace

To All Who Participated in Anyway, in Abortion, ever

When I was a teen-ager, I even did. With out telling anyone, I drove a girlfriend to her scheduled abortion appointment. Now I wish I did not. Incidentally, I think if it were discussed much in my household of origin, I like to think I would not have. Abortion was not discussed. I was not prepared to face this moral decision, and did so silently, never bringing it up to my mother. Barely legal to drive…

25 years ago, my 80 year old neighbor, elderly Christian sister, confided in me that after having three children in her youth, being widowed early on, re-marrying, and be-ing “with child,” again before she even recovered from the emotional roller coaster that her life had been… She cried and begged her husband to take her to get an abortion. They went to Mexico and got it done.

Oh, I could go on. Abortion stories are all around us. The only consolation is that these babies I have to believe go to Heaven. But all associated passively or first hand, with abortion, have guilt on their heads unless the blood of Christ washes the sin away.

When a beating heart is intentionally stopped in a human being, it is murder. Abortion is murder. How can we influence for good? HELP women in crisis pregnancies any way that we can, and support families in need or families who carry extra- like foster and adopt families. Be a part of the solution, and spread love and tell about His GRACE to everyone that will listen.

In Christ is healing and forgiveness

Enjoy my poem, first written by hand in my journal to my children, and then published at my blog, Grandma Mary Martha:

His Grace is Sufficient

Truly His GRACE is sufficient to cover our debt.

May we live to influence for good and make this world a place that values ministry to babies and children as our service to God rather than an inconvenience….

This post is part of Telling Heart’s LIFE series. To see more of it, you can go >>HERE<<

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