September series, Honor LIFE

Hi and welcome!

Thank you for joining us, for this fun series introduction. As we introduce articles coming, to honor LIFE, we are smiling as we each share 10 things that delight us in life!

Our delights…

Truth is, I think we all could have easily doubled our list, and perhaps we did not even reference to the very foundation of our JOY in this life, is having peace in our soul, knowing that, “The best is yet to come, because we are Heaven bound.”

Explanation of our faith and peace, is in this post from Telling Hearts inviting all to make Jesus Lord of their life.

Now here are our fun lists about what delights us in LIFE, and what good stuff is on the way…Guaranteed to get your mind pointed the positive way:

Tammy D’s 10 Delights in Life

  1. Old spiritual hymns, and a good old fashioned acapella sing along before the Lord, hymnal in hand. I can not sing well, but trying is joy to my soul.
  2. Children’s literature!! In my Smartsy Reading Teacher blog, I look forward to sharing more specifics….but right now I will divulge that I can’t get Snowflake Bentley out of my mind. It is a true story and it beautifully highlights the glorious microscopic creation and beauty of SNOWFLAKES which I truly believe are an artistic miracle gift from God.
  3. German Chocolate Pie, homemade chicken pot pie, pretty much anything that has Coconut-oil pie-crust , but most of the time. I delight in eating super healthy, (like these packed lunch ideas).
  4. Mmm. Coffee and quiet time early in the morning.
  5. Classic Disney movies like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Swiss Family Robinson!
  6. Sharing Bible study with my Christian sisters, like we do in our Blogging Through the Bible endeavor. <<Angela has a great index to that<<
  7. Hugging my daddy, and looking into his gorgeous blue eyes, and feeling his big hands on my back, as well as hugging my mama, kissing her on the top of her head and caressing her soft soft hands.
  8. Listening to my daughter talk, or watching her run, or my son making me laugh with his dry logic humor.
  9. Connecting with women, and loving and encouraging them.
  10. Crafties, crafties, crafties!!

Let’s read what is on Jerusha’s favorite things list:

1. Having a clean house. I find it hard to have a perfectly clean house with busy boys and having a chronic illness that limits my energy, but when it’s clean it’s amazing! 
2. Crocheting. It’s just a lovely, relaxing hobby and I can make things for people who need extra love. 
3. Tea with friends. There’s just something about a nice hot mug of tea shared with a friend. 
4. Laying in my warm bed with the window open and the chilly air on my face. 
5. Watching the leaves changing to vibrant yellows, orange and red. 
6. Grocery shopping with my hubby. He can make any mundane tasks fun. 
7. That feeling of laundry fresh from the dryer. Still warm and smelling so clean. 
8. Baking vegan treats for my friends and family. Blueberry muffins, chocolate cake, it’s all yummy! 
9. Worshipping God with a few of my best friends at life group. 
10. Spending time with my kids, even if we are just sitting in the same room not even paying attention to each other. I know they are there because they want to be close to me and I love it! 

And from Ishah, things that she adores:

1. Strolling Pinterest for the next picture worthy meal to cook at home. I’m a bit of a food snob 

2. Movie night with the hubby and kids at home. I’d do that over anything on a Friday night!

3. Taking any form of psychology class….just love the human mind. 

4. Helping people. They don’t even have to know it’s me. Just like leaving random stuff for people that are in need of anything.

5. Fire pits. Could sit, talk and roast marshmallows all night! Won’t eat them unless they’re burnt!

6. Cooking. If I could cook a Sunday dinner for friends every week I would.

7. Dutch Bros coffee. I’m obsessed! Really obsessed! #annialator

8. Impromptu date breakfast and lunch with the hubby. He’s so spontaneous 


9. Watching my boys play fight. They’re hilarious and I cry laughing every time.

10. Those random moments where I realize my two teens have the same sick humor as me and we catch each other giving the same face during a conversation and laugh…it’s our own personal inside joke and I love it!

Our sister StaceyLynn shares 10 of her favorite things:

1. Seeing my children smile.

2. Spending quality time with my husband.

3. A nice cup of piping hot watermelon tea, hold the sugar, with just a touch of cinnamon and stout buckwheat honey.

4. FREE TIME for blogging, letter writing, and sewing. Such a joy and relief from the cares of the world!

5. Remembering. Old memories are so sweet.

6. Sitting by the river at the cusp of first light, breathing in the fog as it rolls away the night.

7. Thinking of a world where children are as safe as they should be… even from themselves.

8. Enjoying the truly finer things in life, like line-dried clothes, perfectly baked biscuits, and home-grown garden goods.

9. Making memories. Make them good, and make them often because one day, that’s all of YOU that will be left.

10. JESUS, my God and my Savior, my best friend, the lifter up of my head, and the One without whom none of the other nine things on my list would even be possible. Praise His Name, my soon-coming King!!

10 Things Angela G loves:

  1. Snuggly, purring kitties that climb onto my lap and ram their heads into me for love
  2. Selfies with my adult son on one side and my adult daughter on the other
  3. The moment I finish a blog and KNOW that God was in it because I’m not that good
  4. Coffee and a slice of Costco vanilla cake with cream cheese filling after dinner
  5. Friday Jets Pizza dinners on the couch with my hubby watching The Office
  6. That moment when you realize the song on the radio is God letting you know it’s going to be okay
  7. Sticking my toes in the sand and finding shells on a beach in the Caribbean
  8. Reading letters of appreciation from students who hear me and see how much I care about them
  9. Three lined up German shepherds sitting, waiting patiently for hot dog bites
  10. Singing the song, “He Came Looking For Me” at church and getting loud inside at the line “But then Jesus appeared and said this one is mine!”

Sweet Maryann shares 10 of her favorite things:

1.) Jesus- without Him I would be nothing.

2.) My husband for supporting me in (most) my endeavors, for his sacrifices for faith, country and family, and for loving me through my quirkiness

3.) My beautiful children who have taught me the very deep love of motherhood and how to walk very humbly

4.) The Bible- God’s Word

5.) My mom- she’s one of my heroes who has fought through life’s curve balls and has still kept the faith.

6.) My fur babies… they keep me on my toes, entertained, and unconditionally loved

7.) Coffee, lots of coffee

8.) Worship music… classical, modern, hymns, holiday (includes Christmas), and the Psalms

9.) Memories of my grandparents

10.) All things Hawaii… beach, mountains, flowers, trade winds, macadamia nuts, and my Hawaiian Ohana.

10 of Rosie’s treasures in LIFE are linked >here<

What good stuff is coming soon in Telling Hearts?

Our September series honors LIFE. This is a glimpse of good stuff on the way:

~Maryann expounds on Bible character Hannah, and shares of her personal experience with sanctity of life: God Redeems Us (live Sept. 18)

~Jerusha reminds us that there is LIFE power in our tongue: The Power of Life and Death (live Sept. 21)

~AngelaG shares an insightful true story that happened to her, that changed her view of abortion forever, causing her to passionately pro-life :The Choice to Choose Life (live Sept. 23)

~Rosie tells a true story about the power of prayer and of the ultra-sound, to save lives: The Truth Will Set You Free (coming Sept. 29)

~StaceyLynn addresses the tough stuff and offers HOPE for anyone feeling hopeless in life, in her article: What is Life? (live Sept. 27)

~Tammy shares encouragement for those who have participated in abortion in any way: His Grace, what we all need in our life, (live Sept. 25)


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