Ways to Witness for Christ

How can we stand up for Jesus, even on the most ordinary day? Here are important points to consider. I know that I need growth in several areas. How about you?


Do not be shy to pray in public, like at restaurants. If nothing else, to the general public, doing so is a reminder that SOME people think there is more to life than meets the eye. It is a way to plant seeds, and do not under-estimate how God might use your small acts of obedience…

Offer to pray FOR others. That also speaks loudly as a witness of your faith and relationship with the Lord. It opens doors to minister and also to serve and encourage. This area is an area worthy of growth in many of our lives.

Memorize Scripture

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matt. 12:34), so hide the Lord’s word in your heart, so that you are always ready to share it. There is power in His word, just to speak it even if you can not quote scripture and verse, but if you can manage that, then all the better. I am convinced that most of us also need to grow in scripture memory.

Luke 6:45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good, and an evil out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart, his mouth speaks.

Share Books

Sharing books can actually be a ministry!! To have Bibles or Christian books, that have touched your heart, been an encouragement, or tool in helping you grow stronger in your Christian walk, can be a GREAT thing. If you can pass the books on, then you can multiply the fruits. Pass on a single copy, or even purchase multiple copies to give away. Your personal discussion(s) prior to these book gifts or loans, can be led by the Holy Spirit, and powerful!


Wearing a T-shirt with Bible message text, is a walking billboard. I know someone who has text on her vehicle! People notice, and people comment, and for her and her husband, this opens doors for them to share more of God’s truths. I know a very special teen-ager, who texts a group of her friends, Bible verses daily!! What amazing blessing, that we can witness through text! If you really love to write, create, or type, the BLOG for Christ! More on that >here<, but another way to witness for Christ involving text or words, would be to share or create tracts. I have a friend who does exactly that, >here<

Be a helper

What ever the situation, when people are in a position to receive help of any sort, they may also be in a position to LISTEN or RECEIVE. Be a ready and present helper and you have an opportunity to speak God’s word into someone’s life, and your very act of HELPING can be a strong witness of the life and joy that you have in Christ!

Spread Cheer

Wearing a smile, sharing kind words, and encouragement, even if you don’t feel like it, is likely to positively effect others. Can you manage a, “Blessed,” or, “Great,” when someone asks how you are? When you show the joy and cheer in your heart because of your HOPE in Christ, then you position yourself to represent Christ. Spreading cheer is part of witnessing!

Go the Extra

People are watching how you live life. Being ready to work extra hard, be extra patient, be especially kind, be extremely accommodating and hospitable, can speak of your strength and joy in Christ. People will notice, and it is therefore a way to witness to the world of what is in your heart.

Live the Word

Be doers and not hearers only. It is wonderful to be able to speak the WORD but also to LIVE it and act it out! Want to be significant in ministry? Seek ways to live out the word, even through pain and hardship.

James 1:22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only…

Be Humble

Self pride will get you no where as a valuable witness, but humility will. May your humility represent the Lord that you live for! Being humble where the world would be boastful, could make you peculiar before men, and open doors to minister.

Proverbs 6:3 …go and humble yourself…

Be peculiar

Be modest, exceptional, not like the WORLD that we live in… so that people are curious…. and you are beyond reproach, and people see something inside of you that they want or at least that they notice and are intrigued by, perhaps curious about. Being peculiar for Christ may be the doorway to some serious witnessing for Christ!

Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of the Father.

How else?

Wear jewelry that expresses your faith, if you wear jewelry! Say, “God bless,” in passing or as a greeting. I passed a guy in a doorway of our local gas station. I said, “Hi,” and he said, “God bless you.”

I thought, “Wow, he must be a Christian, and THAT is a way to witness…”

Oh, and artwork can witness for Christ!

Politics!! Don’t forget that political involvement can be a great tool for the Christian cause. A wise friend once told me, “Tammy, if you don’t know how you want to vote, consult someone that you trust, whose values and views are in line with yours, and who you perceive to be better informed than you…”

What will you be doing?

Will YOU pray in public, or offer to pray for others?

What scriptures would be the first for you to memorize so that you are ready to speak God’s word from the abundance of your heart?

Do you have a GREAT book that encourages towards Christian living, that you will be ready to loan out, or would you consider putting a BOX library together at your house, that you can pull from to loan or give away as a witness for Christ?

What ministry do you do for others to SEE you living out your commitment to Christ?

Tell me about a time that a “peculiar way,” spawned a conversation that led to a testimony for Christ. What peculiar way might you be known for, because of Christ as your Lord and your respect of scripture?

What goal for growth as a witness do you have for yourself? I definitely need to memorize scripture! There are more than a few ways that I would like to grow as a witness. How about you?

This post was part of a series from Telling Hearts. To see what wonderful was brought by other sisters, you can go >>HERE<<

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