Ways to Be a Witness for Jesus

Plant a seed God can grow.

August is a very busy month for lots of families. Back to school means the end of lazy summer days and the beginning of the hustle between school and activities, squeezing homework and family time in between. But in all the busyness, we can’t forget the real reason we have all been placed where we are. You are in that job for a reason, and your kids are in that class for a purpose. We are all where God wants us to be in order to shine His light in our dark world and speak love and life to those He places in our path. We are to plant the seeds, and He will give the increase.

This August series link up is about ways to be a witness for Jesus. From testimonies of how to do it (and how NOT to do it) to tips and tricks you might not have considered using in your own life, we hope you enjoy this series.

Our series starts with a bang as Tammy SD gives us over ten different tangible ways to live the Christian life out loud so that others see us and notice Him. Some of the things you might already be doing, but some you may have never thought about. These are little changes we can make in our lives that could have a very big impact for those around us. Her article is entitled Ways to Witness for Christ and will be available on August 27.

How can we stand up for Jesus, even on the most ordinary day? Here are important points to consider. I know that I need growth in several areas. How about you? READ THE REST ON AUGUST 27.

Next, Jerusha Borden shares her testimony about a time when things didn’t quite go the way she would have hoped in being a witness for Christ. She also has a great story about a time when she saw her own family do it right and a recent example about how she, herself, brought kindness to someone in need in the name of Jesus. It’s all about listening to His leading and sharing His love. Her article is entitled His Kindness Leads Us to Repentance and will be available on August 29.

I remember walking home from a friend’s house, long ago in the wee early morning hours. It was a short walk, just a few streets over from her apartment to mine. At two a.m., you’d think it would be a quiet walk home – it wasn’t. As I walked along the bars were closing down for the night and people were spilling out onto the streets…READ THE REST ON AUGUST 29.

Finally, Angela G tells us about a dream she had from God and the command to “Go.” Beyond just shining our lights to the people around us that we know, we can also touch the hearts of strangers with the use of tracts. Whether we hand them out with a meal or snack to those in need or just to those around us at the grocery store, we can find ways to bring the name of Jesus to the minds of those we encounter in our daily lives. Her article is entitled Ready, Set, Go: We Must Tell Others About Jesus and will be available on August 31.

Verse after verse of the New Testament tell the children of God to “Go.” Go and tell your testimony, go and preach the gospel, and go and make disciples. There really isn’t an ambiguity. We are to go. When I first got saved for real after being lukewarm for many years, I was used to living like the world, focusing on day to day life issues. But soon, God began to show me that my responsibilities were first to Him and then to the world. It all started with a dream…READ THE REST ON AUGUST 31.

More From Telling Hearts

Thanks so much for spending time with us at Telling Hearts. If you want to know more about us, here is the statement of our beliefs: Join Us In Making Jesus the Lord of Your Life.

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Finally, if you really want to dig into an old fashioned Bible study, check out our BIG project! Three sisters from Telling Hearts are Blogging Through the Bible.  Angela G has a running list beginning with 1 Samuel 1 and continuing on into 2 Kings. We explain the Bible in plain words and explore lessons and themes. Each set of two chapters ends with discussion questions and a prayer. Check out Blogging Through the Bible for Revel in the Word, a facet of Titus Women’s Gathering. See below.


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