Change Starts with You!

Anyone can be a witness, anywhere…

I’ve worked in many facets of ministry. From children’s church, to youth groups, hospitality, greeting, intercessory prayer and even worship. I know what it is to be on the altar ministering as well as behind the scenes warring for people and cleaning. Of all those experiences, God has taught me one main lesson: Anyone can be a witness, anywhere.

Be Genuine.  Be transparent.

There’s no specific place to witness to people. Being a witness is more of a lifestyle than a position or label. Some people may like the glamour of having a “label” attached to their names, but in my experience, most people aren’t interested in your label. Most people are looking for genuine people who know what it is to go through ups and downs and still make it through without completely losing their minds.

Big Move.  Big Challenges.  Big OPPORTUNITIES.

I remember when my family and I moved to Arizona in 2017. We had just left a church where we were active in a few ministries and very much involved in the every day fun of ministry. We were in a new state where no one knew us or our resume. We didn’t quite know where to go or what to do as far as ministry and really had to take time to seek God while getting settled with work and life with our kids in a new state.
As we began our jobs and got into our new normal of work, school, kids and life, we found that we were so busy between work and the kids that we wondered how we would fit ministry in our schedules.
It’s crazy we even thought of it that way, but we did. Had to be honest..
One day in prayer, I found the Lord speaking to my heart about ministry. Later that next morning, I found myself talking with my husband about the very same thing and knew it was confirmation of what God had shown me.


You see, my husband works in juvenile corrections and I am a caseworker. We both have jobs where we help people daily. Not only that, but we began to notice that our children even found themselves reaching out and befriending children in their schools and in our neighborhood fairly easily and were becoming solid friends to them.
As we spoke, my husband began to say how God was showing him that what we do daily in our lives was, in itself, a witness of Who’s we are

Exude Christ Characteristics Daily

You see, when most people think of witnessing, they think of people with bullhorns on a corner screaming REPENT!! Or people who travel the world preaching…people on TV….or people who pastor churches. Not that any of those forms of witnessing are bad, but what about the people who choose to come into work daily and do their job with a smile? Is that not witnessing the joy of the Lord?
What about the people who take time to encourage and be a shoulder to coworkers and clients? Are they not witnessing the love and compassion of the Lord?
This past summer I did a blog series on finding our identity in who Christ is. Because God is love, peace, strength, the Great I Am, we exude those very characteristics daily. If we have been saved, everything we are is who God is and that should shine through everything we do daily. That alone should witness to those around us.
All it takes is us choosing to live for God a life that is pleasing in His sight. When we choose to live a life of faith and trust in God, we shine His light for others to see. That’s what witnesses to people. Our genuine hearts and transparency. When we show people we ourselves are human, that we are flawed, but saved by grace, they come to see that they themselves have a chance. That they themselves may be flawed, but they’re loved as well. That they themselves can have peace, comfort, strength, and forgiveness.
When we choose to simply share a smile, a story, a word of encouragement, that’s when lives are changed.
Choose today to simply live a life that is pleasing in God’s sight.
Choose today to share a word of encouragement instead of gossip.
Choose today to be honest and genuine in all you do, towards all people and situations.
Choose today to be a shoulder to cry on instead of a judge, and watch God’s light shine through you and minister in ways you would never imagine!
Until next time, Be Blessed!


  1. This is where I am sis. My job has become my ministry. I provide therapy for children diagnosed with developmental disorders. I pray for my clients and their families. God is teaching me how to connect with them in ways that I couldn’t have done naturally and He is revealing His love through me. It is such an honor. We don’t all have to be on the pulpit or go on mission trips. Change begins with us right where we are.

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  2. Exactly! I put up quotes in my office to encourage my clients and I find it also pushes them to ask about my beliefs and I use that as an open door to talk to them. I pray daily for my clients as well. I try to write notes to myself of various situations so I can pray for them specifically. I love it! It’s such an honor to be in such a position that allows me to speak to many people and help them with all I am able to.


  3. It really does. My heart has always been to sit down beside people and just ask them how they are doing. Simple, but so meaningful. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle and loving them through it is what we’re called to do. Jesus does that for me in my battles. Jesus only ever did what he saw his father doing, and I try to live my life doing the same. Great post that I’ve shared on Twitter too.

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