1 Kings 15-16

Blogging Through the Bible, with Stacey and Angela has served me in a system of accountability and encouragement, as we seek to make reading the Bible a high priority. Endeavoring to read the Bible cover to cover, we are now in the book of Kings. You can catch recent posts here:

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Angela @ No Longer Lukewarm, addressed chapters 13 and 14

In FREEDOM we each blog about our assigned chapters, sometimes summarizing, sometimes explaining, sometimes sharing thoughts or reflections. Really the way of style is quite endless. Our hope is that our writing whets your appetite for God’s word, or stirs Bible discussion, while our Blogging Through the Bible is certainly a joy, encouragement, and challenge for us individually.

In Chapters 15 and 16, a few themes strike me repeatedly:

Repeated Themes:

Down Hill, Since David

Every since David, the kings that have followed have had shorter reigns or/and made bigger blunders. Often the kings that followed David, made mistakes involving direction of heart. While David’s heart was generally tender and turned toward the Lord, largely the kings that followed in chapter 15 and 16, were careless and lacked reverence toward God.

Dogs and Birds Feed on Humans…

Consequential to irreverence towards God, or SIN, phrophecy was made that dogs and birds would eat the dead people. That must have been considered the lowest insult and when you think about it…

Birds and dogs eating corpses must have been the culmination of much chaos and dissension. No family or friend available or wanting to give proper burial? THAT is sad and does represent the epitomy of distress.

Is that not like what disregarding God leads to? Furthermore, in the wild animal kingdom, that is what animals do to one another. They do not bury one another, and animals eat animals. Do not humans reduce themselves to be like animals if they miss the opportunity to seek and please God? Just a thought I had. What do you think?

Book of annals of the kings of Israel

Repeatedly, in these few chapters (NIV), I read, “…are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Israel?”

This lead me to count the number of times, just in these two chapters; NIV version, 7 times.

Also I had to do a little research in exactly what this meant. (The Chronicles of the Kings of Judah and Israel, a Jewish document or publication of history)

In Closing

My biggest general take-away is that God stays connected to His people, but He also serves consequences. There are good rewards for people’s obedience, faith, and reverence, and there are bad or undesirable consequences for irreverence or veering from God’s will, His way. What do you choose?

Dear God in Heaven, I thank you for your patience to give people, and kings, chance after chance to make the right choices, and seek Your wisdom, Your will, Your way. Please forgive me for when I fail you. Humbly I live before you, asking You to teach me, open my mind and heart, guide me. I want to live for You. I want my influence in the world to be a good one, and for Your kingdom purposes, and to bring You glory. All glory and honor to You, In Jesus’s name I pray, AMEN

  • The kings that made mistakes of grave consequences before God, do you imagine that any, or much of the respnsibility goes to to their parents or family, for poor choices or poor raisings? Do you think improvement could have been made in how those kings, future kings were raised?
  • Who is the ultimate and only judge, in God’s judgement court?
  • What can we do, as parents, when we see that we failed, or made mistakes, or had great weaknesses?
  • Is it possible for a person (parent) to be truly perfect?
  • Where do you want to look for guidance and counsel?

Thank you for joining us! If you share with one of the social media icons below, it may help encourage someone else to spend more time in God’s word. Thank you. May you be ever growing toward’s Him, in your own messy, true, and wonderful life because we are His.


  1. I’m so glad that God allowed the mistakes and shortcomings of Kings a matter of permanent record. Sometimes, I think it was just for me 🙂 So that I would be able to look back and go, “See… it’s not just ME!!” What a wonderful thing to read this post, Tammy, thank you!


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