Inter-Blogosphere Christian Link-up; July 2019

What a blessing and privilege to support Christian bloggers and propel content forward, that reflects Christ. In a day and time when the world seems whackie, deceived, with the enemy ever on the prowl, it is important work.

I welcome you to our first (of I hope many) monthly inter-blogosphere sharing of posts by sister bloggers. I encourage you to visit each, and enjoy. Share with a social icon to carry content of Christian values into the needy social media world.

We would delight for you to comment and let us know that our writing comforted, encouraged, or made you think, or inspired, convicted, or informed you.

Make God’s Will My Will by Angela @ No Longer Luke Warm, may set you craving cake, but it may also feel like a kiss on the cheek by your Father God. Angela’s writing is often characterized by analogies, and her success at pointing to God and honoring Him, make me want to read her blog again and again.

Uprooted, by Jerusha @ Beauty in the Broken is a tender, thought provoking write-up of encouragement especially for the times when you feel uncertain, in the midst of or on the other side of big CHANGE, which of course life is full of. This sister’s writing often brings God’s wisdom into focus!

Kristen Ekiss, is wonderfully raw and real, as she is strong, capable and AMAZING,in her reflection on adoption, in this piece titled, Why Adoption is not the Cure for Infertility. If you have considered adoption, or know someone who is, this article is worth passing on, not to mention, this young lady, Kristen Ekiss is a leader is so many other arenas, not the least of which is a her facebook ministry where she offers encouragement for all aspects of HEALTH and fitness.

Aryn the Libraryan, has a good thing going on at her blog, where she shares books, recipes, and more! In her post titled, Benefits of Pruning in the Bible, she reminds us that the purpose of pruning, is to increase yield of fruit, and best of all, an important purpose of producing good fruit is to bless others. Hop on over to her blog and see what’s growing, PLUS check out her freebie!

Stacey Lynne Wells, at Scribbles and Sustenance, The Lies that Lead to Insecurity is the blog post that every sister needs, to whip out a her pocket and lay it on Little Sister when she starts to listen to the dark discouraging voice…that is a big fat liar! A professional writer, and a sweet Christian sister, Stacey has so much wisdom to share, and the most endearing willingness to help others…

Tammy, of Grandma Mary Martha, offers her articles on, how to be a good mother-in-law, with links to follow, to how to deal with rejection, and how to take a compliment!! With this advice booster, you are likely go UP a few rungs on the ladder of peace and joy. Might as well check them out…

I am confident, that you will be blessed by the content of the Christian bloggers. Thanks for letting us share. We would be tickled pink if you shared with a social media icon, or commented somewhere to show support. Thank you for helping us influence for GOODNESS sake.


  1. Thank you, Tammy <3! I am honored to be a part and to be able to write the words our Lord gives me to be an encouragement for Him! Glory to His Name!

    This is just SO very exciting!


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