July Series Intro: Marriage

What better subject for this HOT summer month than the very hot topic of marriage?

As little girls, most of us dreamed of our wedding day. We wanted the flowing white dress, the handsome groom, and a party full of food, fun, and dancing the night away. But what about the day after the wedding? And the day after that? And all the days, weeks, months, and years that follow with the same man? Through times of laughter and times of tears, times of passion and romance and times of illness and disappointment. Through all the times, husbands and wives are there for each other. And through it all, they are bound together in a covenant partnership that is the foundation for family and a mirror of God’s relationship with His people.

Messy, true, and wonderful is how the ladies of Telling Hearts tell it — and that’s a pretty good description of marriage too. We hope you enjoy this link up.

First, Maryann Lorts will start us off by showing us how it’s done in a very sweet tribute to her husband on their 19th anniversary. Through houses, babies, and a love that never fails, we see their lives and the Bible verses that capture just how beautiful a marriage can be when it’s done God’s way. Her article is titled The Anniversary and will be available on July 19.

A great story started the day I said, “I do.”

Twelve, soon to be thirteen, houses.
The white walls adorned with memorabilia from across the world, family pictures, children’s art work, crayon marks, dents from movers, stained carpets, spaghetti splatters, mismatched furniture, tear-stained comforters, and laughter filled curtains…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE JULY 19.

Maryann and her husband Ed — Married July 15, 2000.

Second, Angela G will help us out with a little marriage advice about what NOT to do in her article entitled Marriage and Cars: Don’t Crack the Head coming July 22.

Marriage is like a car.  Some people are driving around in a cherry 1960’s Ford Mustang in mint condition, turning heads wherever they go. Some people have a battered and bruised 2015 with scrapes, dings, and a bad transmission that smokes and spits. The way it looks and the quality of the ride is all in how the car is maintained. That’s the same in marriage...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE JULY 22.

Angela G and her husband Paul — Married May 26, 2012.

Next, Jerusha Borden will let us know about a few of the traps married people can fall into that bring them to the edge of divorce — and how to keep from going over it. Marriage is a gift, and it’s worth it. Her article Fight For Marriage will be published on July 25.

I hate divorce. Whenever I hear of someone I know breaking up, it wrecks me. Even if it is the friend of a friend of a friend and their spouse. I weep a little – okay, if we are honest – sometimes I weep a lot. And it happens so often that it makes me feel sick. Why are people breaking up SO much? Just…why?…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE JULY 25.

Jerusha and her husband Stephen — Married October 9, 2004.

And now we get to Stacey Lynn. Sometimes marriages come with “instant” families when children from previous marriages enter the picture. With yours, mine, and ours, her family takes care of each other with special moments and lots of love. Her article Ham Beans and Contentment will publish on July 26.

If you’re expecting the “average” marriage post, this one might leave you scratching your head. Because this quick synopsis of what a good marriage is – to ME – is much different than many others I see. But you know what? That’s ok!…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE JULY 26.

Stacey Lynn with her husband Jimmy — Married April 22, 2000.

Last but never least, Tammy SD ends the link up with a poignant poem about marriages that endure into the twilight years. In all the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful, there is hope. Her poem Old Couples will be published on July 31.

You see old couples,

Who you believe have endured?

Spent LONG YEARS together,


Half-century or more?

You wonder their secret(s)?

How did they do it?

You wish that you could… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE JULY 31.

Tammy SD and her husband Paul — Married July 30, 1995

More From Telling Hearts

Thanks so much for spending time with us at Telling Hearts. If you want to know more about us, here is the statement of our beliefs: Join Us In Making Jesus the Lord of Your Life.

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