A Rainbow of God’s Promises, (book of poems)

Over the last couple years, I have enjoyed the writing of my Christian sister from India, Rita Kurian. She is a gifted writer, whose greatest passion is sharing her writings for Christ. All of her writing is creative and God honoring.

The first book that she published, I myself ordered from Amazon, (Akim and the Night Intruders). I enjoyed it. It reminded me of a work by a great imaginative brilliant mind like C.S. Lewis, with a strong element of fantasy through-out, interesting characters, and a story-line that builds and lays foundation for great discussions with young people. I am a teacher, and as I read this book I thought of how I would recommend it for our youth.

Now, Rita has published a collection of her poetry, which I have been a fan of every since I met her through her blog!

I highly recommend this book for any poet appreciator!

This is what Rita shares about this offering of love:

Over the Years, I would pen down poems in different seasons of life, or write a poem when something struck me or spoke to me. Often after writing that particular poem, I would get a breakthrough in my situation!

A Rainbow of God’s Promises is a gathering of many poems written over the years which were inspired from Bible verses that came to me as powerful promises. These powerful promises from God are written in the form of poetry.

These poems are treasures in time that we can hold on to at any season in our lives assuring us the promises of God of protection, blessings, strength, comfort, healing, deliverance, victory and more.

My deepest desire is that this poetry book would carry God’s blessing and breakthrough for my readers. I pray that these poetic words would resound to give life to trust God for your miracle and breakthrough and just deeply bless you for this book reflects on the character of God!

Read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited if you have a membership, under $3 if you do not have a membership, or for only $8 have a beautiful paper copy to hold in your hands.

>>Amazon link here<< for your convienience.

Have a wonderful blessed day, and do come back here for some Christian sharing, messy, true, and wonderful, because we are His,

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