When Heaven Calls

Hardest Post…

This post is probably the hardest I did in my blogging years started in 2015. When Tammy asked us to share something personal of God’ s workings in us in Telling Hearts blog for June, I thought I would skip it.

Wresting against the tide, the Holy Spirit stirred me

to share this and do this with difficulty. Our young Ginger nearly two years old cocker spaniel passed away on May 18, 2019 of liver disease though it might have had added complications with the heart. Incidentally, I realized that was my late father’s birthday too.

Ginger, and Clover

A couple of months back, she was nearly dying one night and the vet who lived near our home could do nothing for her. My husband Biju told me that night sorrowfully, “She is going!”

I could not accept it and I cried to the Lord saying, “No, don’t take her!”

That night, as she was dying, I sat next to her and prayed aggressively through the night storming the floors of Heaven, and read the Bible aloud. My mother also joined me and also prayed. Miraculously, Ginger rose that night and we all saw her delivered from the jaws of death. My husband, Biju said, “You pulled her back to life with your prayers!”

She did well after that, and was on intensive medical treatment as we found a good vet. I discovered that whenever I prayed for Ginger, she would sit up and look intently at me.

Another day when she seemed to be sinking and I prayed and she sat up and looked deep into my eyes with soulful knowledge. She always sensed the Spirit when I prayed. Then a couple of months later, May, when the ascites in her abdomen started to swell again. Once again, we took her to the vet, and he started treatment and she got her shots and we brought her home.

She seemed to be doing better , but that morning, she was very quiet, and when I went to check on her later, I was worried, something seemed wrong, we gave her medicines and I went again to look at her to find her gasping, I was terrified, she was dying, I just knew it. I started weeping, called the vet, who said another vet would see her in the evening. I sobbed to him, “She will not last that long.” I was in another room calling on an aunty for some help we might need for her treatment, for the last time too, the bills were very high. After a while Mom rushed in saying, “She’s gone!”

Losing Ginger has turned our lives around. Biju was struck to the core and God touched him in different areas. He drove Ginger and Clover over 2000 kilometers to bring them here in Siliguri and after she died, he looked at all the wonderful pictures he took during their long journey.

I was ridden with guilt regretting not being next to Ginger at her last moments, I deeply regret not praying as I did the first time, battling for her life. With pain and regret, we buried her near the river, my heart grieving for her without relief.

In all this pain, I kept talking to the Holy Spirit and then the Lord spoke and said, “You do not realize it but most people who lose a loved one have multiple regrets. They always feel they could have done more, or omitted doing something, and they could have prevented that death, but do you know something, Death and Life lies in My hands. I took her in My time for a reason. “

He revealed the reason to me, and it struck me as true. She could have stayed, but He took her. All in all, He was fulfilling part of His plan in our lives. It sounds painful to say this, but this is what He showed me:

The Lord taught me to lavish in His abundant grace for her going, and to rest in His streams of surrender and let Him work it out, and not strive in my thinking about it. It also meant I was enrich myself in His Word and meditations and read anointed books to lift me up. I also learned to keep a close communion conversation with the Holy Spirit to a deeper degree that has brought tremendous healing and comfort in the core of my soul. This meant, I was to rest in Him and commune with Him, listen to Him 24/7.

Ginger’s passing has brought me closer connected to Heaven, jettisoned my epiphany of our temporal life on Earth, and put my perspectives in higher orders. I started a fresh blog very recently, because I want a fresh focus on revival, and walking in the Spirit, which somehow trickled down. Here is the link of this new blog and this all came about after Ginger left us.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who[a] have been called according to His purpose.

I know most Christians say that animals do not go to heaven, but read this, I studied this intensely, and read my link back to my old post. We got Bambi and she died too and since we were relocating, we thought a pair would be good (as we have Clover) so we got Ginger, partly to heal the hurt of losing Bambi. Here is the link to my old post
God bless you all and thank you for reading

This was the last of the sister sharing for Telling Hearts June 2019 series. If you missed it, you can find it >>here <<

Flower detail in spring

The above story, is from Rita Kurian’s heart, her words, copied from an e-mail for the purpose of publication at Telling Hearts. She is an author here at Telling Hearts, and I am blessed to say, she is my sister in Christ. A couple oceans separate us, but the internet, and the Holy Spirit unites us in LOVE, Christian family bond, kingdom purposes as our common mission. Here is the link to the >>About Us page where you can read more about Rita.<<

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