1 Samuel 29-30 Devotional

1st Samuel chapters 29 and 30

In the Blogging Through the Bible collaboration of three Telling Hearts sisters, now I open discussion for chapters 29 and 30 of 1st Samuel. May I start by saying these chapters challenge me in more ways than one. There are events and elements of these chapters that puzzle me.

Challenging Content

This series is result of my personal endeavor to read the entire Bible cover to cover. If you have much Bible experience at all, you understand that the Bible is a publication, rich in history, and dare I say “controversy.” My goal is simple enough this time around: Read it. Learn. Be guided by the Holy Spirit.

I do not expect to understand it all 100%…probably not ever. It is a GREAT blessing and privilege to have my sisters join me in this wonderful adventure through the Bible. I am always blessed by my sisters’ turns to Blog Through the Bible. You can see what Stacey at Scribbles and Sustenance has contributed, >>here, and you can see what Angela at No Longer Lukewarm, has contributed, >>here. They each help me to understand MORE.

I know you will be blessed if you visit, and come along in this journey with us! My contributions are here at Telling Hearts, or at my home-blog, Grandma Mary Martha. It would delight us if you made a comment, or shared the content with friends. Help us conjure a Bible blog party by sharing with social media icons at the bottom!

Conflict and Tension Continues

So here we are in chapter 29. As I understand it, (Angela at No Longer Lukewarm, explains the political dynamics better) David and Saul have made ammends and the heat between them has simmered down, but comfort is still lacking. They are not acting chummy. In fact David still has “followers” separate from Saul’s men, and he finds himself in social circle amongst warriors, his identity being discussed. Still in time and place of social/political upheaval…. Does that surprise you considering that this is under the first kingship that God did not desire for them to have in the first place? (reference to previous Samuel chapters)

Attack, Burning, Kidnapping, Backstabbing

A big unhappy climax takes place when David and his followers return to their homes to find they have been pillaged, burned, women and children taken captive and led away! David and his men have no home and family all of a sudden!

Nevermind that the men were “following,” David on their own free will. Upon this devastating blow, from obviously an enemy, someone decides that David is the scapegoat! The men start talking and figure out a way to reason, and blame David! They were his followers, fighting beside him, on his side, and now they talk of STONING HIM to death!

Seeking God in the Turmoil

David catches on to the change in mood and environment and does what any child of God should do; he talks to God. In fact he outright asks God if he would have victory if he pursued those that did that devastation to his home. God answered YES.

Blessing Beyond the Battle

David then does what any trusting child of God may do in response to a YES from God. He goes forth in faith, and courage from God. David and the men who answered his summon, attack … and retrieve. Every woman and child who was kidnapped, is found and brought home! Violence in the Old Testament … again, but those who look to the one true God, are blessed. Not in God’s perfect will, but still His people, those who put their trust and faith in Him, have His blessing.

A Leader Who Looks to God, is a Leader Indeed!

In chapter 30, David emerges again as a great leader. 400 men that fought with him to get their women, children, and some war loot back, wanted to keep the loot for themselves, and not share with the weaker 200 men who had not gone the full distance or fought the last stretch with him. David spoke in defense of that 200, advocating for generousity!

Ultimately the loot was shared, and David publicly gave God glory for their military recovery (v. 23-26)

7 Simple Take-Aways From this Study of David:

  • Go about “life” the best you can, in light of circumstances and opportunities,
  • Seek to honor God.
  • Protect family and community.
  • Dare to ASK for God’s guidance and advice even in the turmoil.
  • Take time to listen for His answer.
  • Proceed in faith and courage, what ever that means. (forward, backward, wait…)
  • Speak for fairness and generosity towards the weaker among you.

Dear Lord, the life of David, and his leadership, was truly extraordinary, anointed for a great purpose from You. I pray that because of looking to You, praying to You, hiding Your words in my heart, seeking to live a right and just life, that I will succeed. I pray that I would emerge victorious, courageous, and wise because of the Holy Spirit at work in my life. May I always give you glory, and represent fairness and generosity towards others. Help me to keep my priorities straight, and to stay focused on Your will. Your will be done in my heart, my life, and in all the world, as in Heaven. In Jesus’s name I pray, AMEN

Stacey will be following, by addressing 1st Samuel 31 and 2nd Samuel chapter 1, and Angela will cover 2nd Samuel chapter 2 and 3. Won’t you join us? You may join the discussion in the comments of our blog posts. We invite ladies to join our online fellowship, Titus Women’s Gathering, and see the social media icons below, that can be used to propel the study of God’s word forward.


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