June series: The Sisters are Back to Blogging…

Telling Hearts blog has awakened from months of hibernation

Telling Hearts is awake again. The sisters are back to blogging, and the hibernation is over.

More talent, and more beauty has joined us, and our ideas, passion, and dreams are “rockin!” First we would like to introduce our new author and administrator who is learning on this job, second to her teaching job. Angela G. joins us, and you can get to know her by exploring her blog, No Longer Lukewarm.

What God Has Been Doing

We decided that an appropriate theme for our June series would be for us each to address what God has been doing in our lives recently, or how He has revealed Himself or grown us lately. If this kind of talk puzzles you, perhaps the idea of having a relationship with God is a new idea to you. Just like our taglines says, we tell it “messy, true, and wonderful, because we are His.” We are sisters in the Christian family, and if you want to know more about this, we offer two places to start:

>>This message of our belief <<

Our fellowship of online lady believers of Christ, >>Titus Women’s Gathering<<

Our June Series is SO GOOD

First, Angela G will tell you the AMAZING path that brought her to US at Telling Hearts. We could not help but see God this journey!! >>her post linked here, June 13, The Providence of God: My Blog <<

Then Stacey Wells shares from her heart about how God has been stretching her faith to trust God’s timing, in the small things as in the big, even her finances, >>post coming June 16 and then will be linked here.

And Tammy SD and Jerusha have something to share about marriage. Jerusha shares to demonstrate that our life does not always turn out the way we expect, but walking with God, relying on Him, makes it manageable through the bumps in the road. Her post >> will be published June 19 and then linked here.

Then married for 24 years, Tammy SD brings a juicey juicey post to you about how God is growing her marriage, but working on HER. In fact, the Lord is speaking to her heart so much, that she got two blog posts out of this. You can read one at her homeblog by following to Grandma Mary Martha, and the other one will be published at Telling Hearts on June 22.

And Telling Hearts, author from India, Rita Kurian shares the difficult story about how>> God was present through the long illness and loss of a beloved pet<<… June 26.

In the Meantime, Don’t Miss Out

Three sisters from Telling Hearts happen to be working on a Bible study project that they call Blogging Through the Bible. Angela G has the best reference for this, so go there now, and check it out!! Your life be enriched with God’s Word, as ours is >>Blogging Through the Bible for Revel in the Word, a facet of Titus Women’s Gathering<<


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