Jealousy Drives Saul to Misery

At the end of 1 Samuel 17, David is holding Goliath’s head, in front of the King Saul. After being taunted for 40 days by the Philistine giant, Saul and the other Israelites allowed shepherd boy David, son of Jesse to go confront Goliath and David was victorious. A bit more about that here at Grandma Mary Martha devotional on chapter 17, and previous chapters are found here:

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The focus of chapter 18 is the growing tension between Saul and David. David is the hero, beloved by many, but Saul the king is eaten up with jealousy. At the same time he seems to act as a friend to David, and welcome him amidst his inner circle and even offer two of his daughters at different times to David for marriage, all is not PEACE and TRUST.

Saul behaves contrary to a friend who wants the best for David. A couple times he tries to set David up in a dangerous, or impossible military situation, but 1 Samuel 18:14 says “In everything he did he had great success, because the Lord was with him.”

As David is successful at every challenge that the king gave to him, he, David is promoted higher and higher in rank and esteem of the people. When he, David is not killed by the enemy and is only successful over and over, the king grows livid and seemingly insane with jealousy. (He is NOT living for God, or focusing on God. He is focusing on object of his insecurity or jealousy.)

At the same time as David is blessed in a friendship that is greater than a brother, David also has a growing enemy right beside him. David’s friend-like-a-brother is Jonathon, King Saul’s son. Saul is David’s growing, cunning, enemy.

Though verse 10-11 gives evidence of Saul being influenced by an evil spirit, other verses in the chapter also reference to Saul being afraid of David. In a nutshell, Saul is tortured. He is jealous. He is afraid. He is devising ways to control David, and diminish David’s influence, yet his own son is a best friend to David, and the people adore David. Best of all, David thus far seems to be conducting his life honorably, as far as living the life of a warrior goes.

Think the Bible is boring? Hows the tale of David killing 200 Philistines and bringing their “foreskins” to Saul as payment for his daughter Michal in marriage, strike ya? Boring? Didn’t think so. Brutal and gory I would say.

I do not claim to understand it all. I am just traveling onward to read the Bible through and through. I am growing in my knowledge, understanding, and awe, as will as in my humility and questions. Thanks for joining me.

Look for more coming soon, for chapter 19 and 20 will be addressed by Stacey at Scribbles and Sustenance, and chapter 21 and 22 will be addressed by Angela at No Longer Lukewarm.

Lord, I want to be on Your side. I want to be used by You, led by You and favored by You. All of my HOPE is in You, through my savior Jesus. Thank you for Jesus. Your will, His will, be done in my heart, in my life, and in all the world as in Heaven.

Please forgive me when I fail, and help me to never be jealous, insecure or manipulative and evil. Thank you for preparing a place for us in Heaven. In Jesus’s name I pray, AMEN

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