Summer Snow

On this day, over 20 years ago, something crazy happened. I don’t remember the year exactly, but the rest is crystal clear. A few months before on my birthday, a cold November day, I looked out the window and saw snow. Not unexpected for late fall in Canada, but not always wanted either. I complained that it was snowing again and how unfair it was that God always allowed it snow on my birthday but never on my older brother’s. I was being ridiculous. But I was a preteen, so not entirely out of my element at that age.

I was so angry and resentful about it, even though it’s perfectly normal for it to snow in November and not May. I couldn’t remember the last time that it hadn’t snowed on my birthday, and as much as I hate snow it was always usually the first snow of the year! I never gave it another thought, and I’m sure I enjoyed the day regardless if the weather.

When the next birthday of Aaron’s rolled around, we were outside at school doing local highway cleanup. As we were walking along the road with our orange vests and large black garbage bags, giant fluffy snowflakes started to fall from the sky. I couldn’t believe my eyes! To this day, I can conjure up the memory as if it were part of a movie scene and watch it play out. So unexpected. But it gave me so much satisfaction at the justice of it all that I burst our laughing. How funny!

But it gets even better. That year, on my birthday in November, it didn’t snow. Even crazier? It hasn’t snowed on my birthday since! God cared about me so much, even in my unbelief (I wasn’t saved at the time), that He intervened on my behalf about something as simple as snow.

He is such a loving God! I hope this encourages you and challenges you to think about ways that God has shown you that He is a personal God and he loves you immensely. ❤️


  1. So heartwarming …blessed to read this..How He cares even for our little desires that may not seem so “holy” written..Jerusha!


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