Falafel Advocado Salad

It was the day before my grocery shop, and I was getting desperate to make a meal. I had some frozen falafels in the freezer, and a small amount of produce. I even had two pitas! But when I had it all in front of me I could see I needed to improvise…the pitas were falling apart and some of the produce was starting to go. Out of desperation, this recipe was born.

What you’ll need for enough salad for two:

Two pitas

Half a head of iceberg lettuce

Half an onion, chopped finely

1 bell pepper, chopped

Half a tomato, cubed

3 mushrooms, thinly sliced

1/2 cup cucumber, cubed

2 advocado, pitted and mashed

6 – 8 falafels (premade)

Are you ready? Here we go! To start, chop or rip apart the pita and distribute Everly over two plates.

Next, get your lettuce ready. I like to shred mine so I chop it up finely but you can rip it or just leave it how you like. Then toss it on top of those pita pieces. You can add your fresh veggies too – tomato, cucumber and whatever else you would like (I bet black olives and feta cheese would be amazing too).

Now you’re going to want to leave this and toss the rest of your veggies in a pan with a bit of oil (I like grapeseed or light extra virgin olive oil for added nutrients).

Cook those bad boys up for about three to five minutes until they’re soft and delicious.

Next, you’re going to want to make up your advocado mixture. You could just chop them and add it with your fresh veggies, but I like the creamy dreamy taste and texture when it’s all smashed up. Kind of like a salad dressing. I add in a little bit of garlic seasoning, but you can add whatever you like. Or just leave it as it is!

After you’re done that, add the cooked veggies to your salad. Chop or crumble your falafels over the salad – if you are chopping it keep in mind that they will crumble naturally. Add half your advocado mixture to each salad plate and voila! Falafel advocado salad 🥗 the yummiest of all monster salads!

This is a big salad, and very filling. It’s great for supper or a mid day meal. Enjoy!


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