Ishah Whipple’s Love Story Continues…

Cute as it sounds, and TRUE! Valentine’s Day is a very significant day on the calendar for Ishah and her family. A contributor at Telling Hearts, slurp this goodness up, as our sister Ishah shares from her heart:

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When my husband and I met, I was a single mother of 3 small babies. I survived a domestically violent ex-husband and God delivered me from years of abuse on many levels. I had gotten to a place where I was happy with my children and having a boyfriend or partner was simply a bonus. My husband and I started seriously dating in January 2011 with the intention of praying to see if this was going to end up in marriage. We prayed together and separately.

On Valentine’s Day, we made plans to stay in and have dinner and a movie. We met in pajamas and we thought it would be cute to have a night in and wear pajamas. He ended up coming later than expected and we ended the night with dinner, a movie, and the kids. I was so nervous, as I just introduced them to him, but they had a ball and he was so loving towards them.

The NEXT Valentine’s Day we were married and decided to make that day a day of family being together in our pajamas with dinner, snacks, and family along with the kids while they’re still around to do it. Even as our kids grow into their teen aged years, we still get them candies and a little gift. It’s something we forward to every year.

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