February Series Intro., 2019

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February has been so busy for so many  of us, and yet, blogging here our DELIGHT when we we get to it!  Now as is our usual manner, we will share fun and meaningful posts through out the month, beyond our series, but here, please enjoy our series introduction.

In addition to sharing clues about our upcoming series posts, I asked each sister to share something about their favorite Valentine’s gift or memory.  Once again, they knock my socks off with sentiment and fun!

Sweet Jerusha was the first to contribute for this series.   From her, will be coming a HER LOVE STORY!!  Don’t we love, love stories?  YES YES YES!  (Hers is coming soon)

More than a decade after it all began, here is a recent  Valentine’s memory of hers, that belongs in a romance novel.  Get a kick out of this sweet story that she shared:

Last year’s Valentine’s Day was one to remember.  There wasn’t anything special about the day, really. Or any days before it or after it.  In fact, February had been a particularly difficult month as I was going through some treatments for lymphodema.  Several times a week I would spend over and hour at the hospital.  It was good, but it was such a disruption to all of our lives.  When Mom is out of commission, it can be quite tricky for everyone else!  On one day while I was waiting at the elevator, I spotted a stuffed animal in the gift shop window.  It was so cute!  I pointed it out to my husband who agreed.  Everytime I passed by the gift shop, the little otter made me smile.  Until one day, it wasn’t there anymore.  I mentioned to my husband that afternoon, saying the otter had been sold and how I was disappointed I wouldn’t see it again.  A week or so later, the otter was back in the window.  Between its disappearance and reappearance, I’d done a bit of research on otters.  I’d learned that they hold on to each other often so as to not loose each other, especially in particularly rough storms.  Valentine’s Day was coming soon, so after my treatment that day I bought the little otter for my husband, who I am thankful I can hold onto during the storms.  I was excited to give it to him.  When Valentine’s Day arrived, I handed him the carefully wrapped package.  When he opened it, he laughed and laughed and handed me mine.  Inside  was the same little otter.  We’d bought each other the same gift!  The day the otter disappeared was because he’d purchased it for me, he’d known all along.  Today the little otters sit together on the shelf in our bedroom as a reminder that we have been blessed with each other to hold on to during the storms and in the calm too.

Now as Rosie shares for this series:

Nothing shouts loving comfort food for me when I am sick like a bowl of good old fashioned chicken soup.  It brings back fond memories of being a child in Texas and my mom making her special, “Caldo de Pollo,” otherwise known as Mexican chicken soup!  Now I make it for my family anytime a nasty bug tries to bring them down.  Actually, I make it even when no one is sick because it is just GOOD !  As much as I love the chicken and vegetables that go into it, there are times when just a cup of the savory broth alone is wonderful. 
51668646_369516323881039_8099058708111163392_n.jpg(Enjoy the recipe here >>My Favorite Chicken Soup
As for gifts…Valentine’s or anytime… well now you are speaking my, “Love Language.”  Gifts bring me joy both in the giving and receiving of them.  For me it is all about the thought behind the gift so it does not have to cost a lot to be appreciated.  As far as a “favorite,” gift to receive, it seems that in the last couple of years I really like getting gift cards to restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores and craft stores like Hobby Lobby!  Some people say that gift cards are too impersonal but I like being able to use them whenever I want and for whatever I want to buy.
So there you have it.  Two things that speak love to me.

From Tammy:

I like it all.  Gifts given in love are surely received with delight, but I think my favorite are flowers and handmade cards and gifts!  My daughter gives the sweetest handmade gifts and cards.  

No doubt a reason that I am crazy about flowers is because of the creativity, artistry and miracle of the creator that they reflect in their colorful and exquisite design!  All glory and honor to Him!

You can see more about the scripture jar by following this link:Scripture Jar that my daughter made for a friend’s Valentine’s Day present.
In the meantime, in coming days, I am excited to deliver to you through Telling Hearts, a write up about six lesson highlights, from a central love character of the Bible, Ruth. (coming soon)
And since it is February, the month for romance and love, I will invite you to my first blog, Grandma Mary Martha, to read an interesting posts I previously wrote about love and relationships:
For comfort food, I just added a KEEPER recipe to my files: Super easy WAFFLES that will make your whole family smile!

Coming from Stacey, is a fun post about the nostalgia of Valentine’s Day card exchanges for classrooms of children.  The Valentine Box

Here is  kid with a heart-chain of positive affirmations around her neck at school:
A variation of the Valentine box- the Valentine bag, decorated with love monsters:


Maryann will bring to you scripture fit for Valentine’s cards!!  Handwritten messages on Valentine’s Day are the best, and Maryann has already done of the research and gathering work for you, to put together this sweet post for ideas that you might use!  Go here: Verses to Share on Valentine’s Day
Verses to Share on Valentine's Day
Another REAL LOVE STORY, and easy, healing tea recipe coming to you from
The scroll art heart that is used in making so many of our Telling Hearts graphics, was a gift from my daughter.

Hope you enjoy the whole February series!  Thanks for letting us share.  We would be so happy to read a comment from you.  Be blessed dear hearts.

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