D.I.Y. Gift for Pennies: Secret Compartment Book




Buy a book for pennies or use one that you already have, and create a secret compartment….

It is a fun, and useful craftie, made for pennies!  I invite you to my home blog, my first blog, Grandma Mary Martha, where I share pictures and narrative of just how my daughter made this thoughtful and fun gift for her very special and intellectual friend.

>>>D.I.Y. Gift Idea for Pennies: Secret Compartment Book  at Grandma Mary Martha, Tammy’s home blog.


And for even more fun, how about a thoughtful gift like this:

My daughter made this for Valentine’s presents for her special girlfriends. (Her boyfriend gets something different.  See what she made him for their one year anniversary, of going steady- DIY Christmas Gift Idea for Pennies)

For this sweet crafty gift she wrote scriptures on paper per color/topic.  Then she cut the scripture and folded them and inserted them into a jar, which she decorated with paint on the lid, and ribbon.



She made a color coded index, and WA-LA, fabulous sweet gift for any occasion really.


Be a friend first.  Love first, then share your source of love and light: JESUS.

Now, hey, you might think that you don’t have time for such activities as the above shared gift ideas, but my opinion is that it is a great thing to keep in your pocket, for when you need to keep the kids busy.  Arts and crafts are great for the brain, and can benefit the pocket-book as well by providing cheap and fun entertainment, and special gifts to give!

Tammy SD pink signa


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