Not New, Just Better

I can only speak for myself when I say that last year was a bit of a bipolar year for me and my home.  It was like we were blessed, but getting slammed at every turn with some form of trial, struggle, or flat out attack.  God healed me of my leukemia, yet I lost a lot of close friends and family.  I was offered my dream job all the while sitting in a hospital for the first three months with my husband who I thought I would loose due to surgery complications.  We got to a point of creating and sticking to a budget right on time for my husband to be out of work on unpaid leave for three months and for us to fall behind once again.  We were blessed with a manager who walked with us through the process with out being evicted, but barely made it through with food, gas, and household necessities.  Like I said, it was a bipolar type of year.

As the year came to an end, I found myself reflecting with my husband on all the mess and blessings that had come out way.  My reflection turned to complaining about the people who’ve slowly disappeared from my life and my husband quickly stopped me in my steps.  He said, “You know Babe, 2019 is the year we let all those people and things go.  We have too much we’re trying to do to be so stuck on yesterday.  New year, new me, new us.”

Sounds great right?  My husband’s a guru!

I started to not my hear in agreement and it was like God grabbed my face and said NOPE!

all i heard was a swift nope

At that moment, I couldn’t understand why God stopped me.  All I heard was a swift NOPE, so I sat in aside and kept moving.

The next day I was at work and I noticed a video was uploaded to one of the workout  YouTubers I follow.  They were doing their annual challenge, so I clicked on the link to get started. He began the video talking about how so many people resolve to get fit in the new year.  New Year!  New You!  However, he was in total disagreement with that saying.  He talked about how there’s no point of being a new you in the new year.  Why?  Because the new you hasn’t been through what you’d endured in the past year.  The new you hasn’t learned the lessons you’ve learned.  It hasn’t cried the years you have, not put in the work you have in the last year.

The moment he said that, it was like God walked in and did a mic drop!

Why resolve to be a new you when the old you has worked hard, cried tears, learned lessons, and fought tooth and nails to get to where you are now?!  I’ve always told people, “I don’t regret a thing.  Whether good of bad, I wouldn’t take back a single moment of my life. ”

I was abused for 6 years of my life, cheated on, humiliated.  I did drugs, stole from precious friends and family, took advantage of many and allowed many to take advantage of me.  I don’t regret it.  Every single moment and decision has led up to this very moment.  Everything good and bad has been used by God to mold and make me into who I am today and continues to do so to bring me to my full destiny in Christ Jesus.

better you

This year in the great 2019, I want to encourage you to not to strive to become a “new you,” but to strive to be a better you!  A you that has learned lessons, endured hardships, grown from our trials, and healed from your past.  A you that is stronger, wiser, and even more zealous for God than ever before.  A you that is striving daily to be a better you so you can reach a world of people who are desperately in need of a Great God!

Until next time, be blessed!

ishah whipple

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