Happy New Year, 2019, from Telling Hearts; introducing the January Series

Happy New Year!!Telling Hearts being a collaborative blog of Christian sisters who delight to tell it messy, true and wonderful, because we are His, is excited to introduce to you our January 2019 series.

In this introduction, I would like to share something personal of each contributor.  I have asked each to share photos and comments that I may quote, to show and tell about their quiet, devotional time/space with the Lord.

I hope that you will enjoy, be encouraged, inspired, and come back, maybe share a post on social media or tell a friend or church group about our blog.  It sits here in cyberspace, our technical offerings of words, thoughts and images that we direct to build relationships, spread Bible wisdom, promote fellowship and growth in Christ for His glory.

In no particular order, we have:

Jerusha Borden


Jerusha shares:

I don’t have a set space for spending time with the Lord.  Sometimes I sit here at my kitchen table with a cup of tea.  Other times I sit in my comfy couch.  In a nice weather I’ll sit outside on my deck. (unless there are bugs, I don’t like bugs!)  It doesn’t matter that I’m not consistent in my seating arrangements as long as I’m consistent in daily reading and learning.  I think it is important to always start with prayer or listening to a worship song.  I do this because it gives me a chance to transition from whatever I was just doing  into a time where I’m opening my mind and heart to what I am about to learn.

For our January series, Jerusha contributes a thoughtful piece from her heart, where she discusses her wonderful revelation from God… You will enjoy this read! >>  Voices

Also I am going to URGE you to make time, perhaps another sitting, to go to Jerusha’s home blog and read this outstanding blog post about the importance of context when drawing any conclusions from scripture.  I’m telling you, you will not want to miss this very sweet and salty piece: Becoming His

Now from Tammy


My daughter has the cool devoted prayer space, since she re-did her room this past summer.  I, myself, (almost empty nester) have relinquished my previously shared bedroom to my manly man and his manly things, and I sort of camp out in my grown son’s bedroom.  He has been mostly gone for almost 4 years now, and is married and seldom visits so….

I like to read my Bible by a window with light, or where some Bible or scripture art is visible.  It’s all over my house.  Featured above is a new posting.  I took a discarded glass frame and taped most recent Bible journal doodles and set it on my son’s chest of drawers, that perhaps he will move out of this house someday.  Scripture art, and window sunshine cheers me and reminds me, of my wealth in Christ.

For my contributions for this January series, you can read about my WORD for the new year,  >>My New Word: GROWTH, never-mind I am on the down hill… and later will come a heart warming piece that richly reflects the glory of Christ in His body >> Character Sketches; a Creative piece that reflects the work of Christ, in His people

Since no other recipes made it in time for this series at Telling Hearts, you are invited to hop over to my home blog to see lots of picture and some text about my favorite way to eat healthy gourds!  >>Squash, Squash, Wonderful Squash

from Maryann:


“My devotional time is most mornings around 6 a.m..  I like to read, study, pray and drink my coffee after my husband leaves for the day and before my children awake.  My best study location is at my dining room table.”

Maryann’s contributions for this special January series, will be, our first ever blog post here at Telling Hearts written specifically as an encouragement to anyone considering a one on one or group ministry to teens or tweens.  You will be glad if you get to read this sweet post !  >>Reaching Out to Tweens and Teens About the Fruit of the Spirit

From Rosie:


Seeking God with all of my heart, means being intentional about my time with Him.  I am striving to be better, and keeping my GOD APPOINTMENTS each day.  I have two places that I love to meet with God.  One is my comfy chair in my bedroom when I just want to sit with him and read the Word or a devotional.  When I want to dig deeper, and do more research I prefer my desk so I can spread things out.  Where ever I choose to spend time with Him, He is faithful to show up and pour His love on me.

Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Her contribution to this series  is a thought provoking and peace planting piece that anyone who has ever cleaned out the clutter, can surely relate to >> Purpose, Purging and Moving Forward

From Stacey:

December 31 2018 737.jpg

“It’s my DO IT ALL space.  I write and blog here, write lesson plans and print necessary paperwork, edit my YouTube videos here, sew here, and finally, this is where I spend my Bible study time.  I study in other places as well, but this desk seems to be where everything  comes together.  It only makes sense to study and pray here, where so much of my life transpires.  I’m thankful to God for the ability to carry our all these plans, all for His glory, whether I find out about it or not!”

Her upcoming posts for the series will be about God’s faithfulness and the significance of that.  What Stacey writes is always a treat.  Coming soon >>God Is STILL With Us

From Ishah Whipple:

img_20190108_172342About her special time with God, she shares:

For me, my devotional space is in my bed.  I’ve always been a dreamer, so I always keep my Bible and  a notepad near my bed for nights or mornings I wake up with a dream or revelation.  I was always taught as a child to give God the first fruits of our day and I’ve seen first hand what it’s like when I miss out on my time with God.  With that being said, I try every day to wake and allow my Bible and devotional book to be the first thing I gab even before my phone so I’me not distracted by social media or e-mails.

For the January series, from her, you may look forward to her unique perspective on a new year, that will help you love yourself right into 2019 >>Not New, Just Better

Special Feature

Now as a special feature in  this series introduction, I want to introduce you to  some one that I have loved dearly for about 40 years.  Born to a native Texan, U.S. Army veteran, boat maker, shrimper, commercial boat deck hand, house builder, and a brave and devoted Christian Mexican American immigrant woman, on her mother’s side she was first generation U.S. citizen and she learned to speak English from watching T.V., Sesame Street she once told me.

She was an only child, and faithful and loyal care taker of her parents until they died in very old age.

. 1380819_596156737089186_1234946442_n

She raised two beautiful daughters of her own, and loved all of her  step-children like they were her own.  She survived removal of a brain tumor, and YEARS of dealing with hospitals for her husband who had a near fatal heart attack in his 50s.  She literally   lost her home in Hurricane Harvey and her husband  went on the heart transplant list with in months.  He had a HEART TRANSPLANT, and how that worked out is quite the miraculous story.  It will be one of the first stories that Anna tells at Telling Hearts.

Stay tuned to Telling Hearts.  More messy, true, and wonderful is to come…



This woman has dealt with stress, change, and what felt like spiritual attack.  She has only grown stronger in her faith, and soon she will be contributing as regular blogger @ Telling Hearts to share lessons, stories, and reflections of times past and present.

Today she shares pictures and comments of her QUIET TIME WITH GOD spaces and places in her house that she waited one and a half years to get back into after it had to be re-built after the destruction of hurricane Harvey.  She will blog about that as well.

Anna shares:

I start my mornings while still in bed (prayer), seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness.


When I am able, I study here, depending on how I am feeling, right after I put on my make-up and do my hair:


On weekends and during the week I find myself here after dinner, or sometimes after breakfast:




Depending on where I land, I sit and pray, where ever I can get quiet time!!! ~Anna~

Thank you Anna for sharing with us at Telling Hearts!  We look forward to more from you!  Thank you all Telling Hearts sisters!  You make this blog, a place that I treasure.

Thank you visitors and readers! I know that this is a long post (packed with a whole lotta wonderful I might add).  Might I suggest saving it to your facebook or a special pinterest board, or somewhere that will be convenient for you to come back to so you can finish it later if not now.  As the write-ups go LIVE (are published) they will be linked from this article.  Please come back, subscribe and or share with one of the icons below.

You add to our joy.

The Lord's will be done, in our blog, in our hearts, and on earth, as in Heaven. His peace be with you. (from all of us at Telling Hearts)









  1. How awesome to see everyone’s study and reading spaces!! I really enjoyed this post, and getting to know each member a bit more through a tiny window into their day. Thank you Tammy, for putting it all together!


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