My New Word: GROWTH, never-mind I am on the down hill…


Now I am not thinking of GROWTH in the sense of a garden.  I have no hope of that.  Gardeners and farmers I admire and appreciate, but after some failed attempts at growing roses and potatoes, I decided that I would happily pay for my produce, with a richly grateful heart, and go on where I may be more successful.

Now here is the cool part (my opinion).  Ever wondered what life is like when you get older?  I used to wonder. Now I pretty much know.  Stick with me and get the inside scoop about that, or gain an age level peer if you are near my age.

Aging is not all together bad for most of us.  It is my blessing and choice at this point!

Here it is a new year.  I am 54 years old, and can you believe that my word for the year is GROWTH?

Are you curious , “How in the world could or would a 54 year old woman be aiming for growth?”

Well I can not speak for all middle age (or senior) women, but I am ready to share about my journey!

Here I introduce to you my GROWTH series.  I delight to share with whoever will listen or care, some of  the many ways that I intend to grow in 2019. You might discover that some of my growth goals would be worthy goals for yourself.

I will share the first growth goal that occurred to me in anticipation of this new year.  Now I admit that some of these goals, I have had, studied, and prepared for before, but here I am with this aim again:

To begin with, I want to be more like my dog!


God help me to more like my Sally here,

Focused, persistent, and loyal to those dear!

I realize that where I really need to GROW,

Is to be like her and

not take worries where I go!!

Help me to be focused on what’s of value to me,

Living in the moment, and filled with JOY and glee,

For I fully recognize and acknowledge,

You have equipped me and cared for me well,

I have what I need, to run more of this race,

Lord, In YOU may I journey, and focus on JOY  through your grace!


Here is more about my growth goals:

  1. Be like my dog, and avoid worrying. (I have written quite a bit about this topic at my home-blog, my first blog:  Grandma Mary Martha.)  #anxiety #hurts/disappointments
  2. Be strong and joyous about my kingdom of Heaven identity through Christ. I wrote about this goal at Grandma Mary Martha>>
  3. Understand, protect, and maintain healthy boundaries in my relationships. Read a book about that already this year and I share it here >>The book is a Biblical study of boundaries! How wonderful!
  4. Serve more.  Accomplish more in ministry and giving. Hopefully there will be good reports coming.


    What is your word for the new year?  What are your goals?  Won’t you join me, by commenting,  return visiting,  subscribing, or sharing a link that you and others my refer to as a door to lead you back here? Thank you for visiting.  I hope you have a WONDERFUL blessed year full of good growth as well!

Tammy SD pink signa

If you


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