Starry Night, a Christmas poem

From the cradle to the cross,

And now ruling in the Heaven’s above,

Christ made a new Divine way for us,

He was born on Earth on a starry night,

That night when countless angels sang


And Heaven’s bells joyously rang,

Glory trails blazed all over the night

Shattering dark deeds with Holy Light

Christ came down humble on Earth

To buy back bruised and bonded souls

From the grip and rule of Satan

To save heal and make whole


To deliver out of Satan’s trap of hell

Where many in despair and death fell

Christ became a stumbling stone to many

Who did not like the Truth and Light

He offended and shook up the phoney

The did not understand His Divinity

And mocked His Sovereignty

On the cross he died a sinner’s death

Breaking the Fall’s curse to give Eternal life

When we believe in Christ accept His gift

Repenting of our lives so lost in deep sin

A Divine transaction starts to begin….

He created the Great Divine Exchange

He broke the curse of death

So we could be healed

He broke the curse of sin

So we could live in purity

He broke the curse

Of the kingdom of darkness

So we could walk each day

In the Kingdom of Light

The intangible exciting happens

When we believe in Christ in faith

He sent the world on Holy fire with His Birth

Advancing His Kingdom on Earth

Demons stricken, stifled in their mirth

As He silences all demonic storm

And shields us from nefarious harm

When we turn to Jesus

We experience His showering blessings

Poured out like gentle silver rain

And ever since that first Starry Night,

Not Santa, but the Cross blazes through

As we walk through God’s Golden Avenue

Merry Christmas!

Rita in the vine

Rita F. Kurian

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