Looking Beyond the Wrapping

Things are not always as they appear. We have all heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” I think the same can be said of a gift. You cannot always judge the value of a gift by the way it is wrapped.


I was again reminded of this truth a couple of years ago when my middle grandson was four years old. He was helping me wrap a gift for his uncle who lived in another state. He tackled the project with all the zeal he could muster up and he was quite proud of his finished work.



To the eye of a perfectionist, the gift was wrapped far from perfect. But as my grandson held the gift out to me for inspection, he smiled proudly and said these words: “Gramma, I know the present is not wrapped all perfect. But that’s ok. My Uncle JJ will love it because it what’s inside that really matters. It is not important what the outside looks like! Right Gramma?”


WOW! From the mouth of babes. I wrote this sweet Nuggets story up in more detail on my blog the day that little man dropped that pearl of wisdom on me and you can read it here. I think it will bring a smile to your face.


I share this because I have been pondering and wondering how it is that every Christmas seems to be a replay of the year before for far too many people. The crazy holiday rush and all the commercialism seem to eat away at any bit of Christmas joy and thus obscuring the vision of why we should celebrate Christmas in the first place.


I have a beautiful Christmas nativity scene set that my mother gifted to me and my husband when we first got married almost 44 years ago. I cherish each piece more dearly with every passing year. I love to look at the figurines and think about just what the manger truly depicts. All it takes is a minute or two of studying the display and seeing the tiny infant Jesus laying in a wooden feeding trough on a bed of straw.



I mean really? When I truly stop to think about God’s plan to save a dying sin filled world through the birth of a child who was destined to die on a wooden cross someday…well it blows me away every single time!


God’s greatest Gift to mankind was not wrapped in fancy paper with an elaborate bow or ribbon. God wrapped his Gift to us in LOVE because he knew what the cost of the Gift would be. That Gift was his Son who would one day be the ultimate sacrifice because the price of redemption was so costly.  As hard as it may be to imagine when one looks at that baby Jesus, that child was God’s salvation plan for mankind. Truly there has never been a greater love.



It is this love…God’s love…the one true perfect love, this is the love we as believers are called to share with the people around us. God has put people in our lives that are not always wrapped perfectly. Goodness, truth be known there is not a one of us who come packaged perfectly. We are all flawed and fall short of perfection every single day.


But as followers of Jesus we have a beautiful advantage that covers our existence and that is God’s amazing GRACE!


Today I challenge you as well as myself to be a conduit of God’s love and grace to those around us. Someone is waiting and desperately needs to hear that God is not concerned about outward appearances but rather what is on the inside. God wants what each person carries deep with their being. He wants their heart. I encourage you to pray and ask God to point you to someone who needs to know this wonderful news, perhaps for the first time.


God gave us the Gift of all gifts wrapped up in the form of an innocent baby. Share the real Christmas story with somebody this holiday season so they too can look beyond the wrapping!



PS: If you have read this blog post and you have never heard anyone share the message of God’s love with you, then you did not come across this blog by coincidence. God meant for you to read this. Please know that you matter. You are not an accident nor is your life! God loves you and He sent his Son, Jesus for you too. To find out more about knowing Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord, please take a few minutes to follow this link. It could be the most amazing life changing few minutes you have ever spent reading something. Merry Christmas!

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