DIY Christmas Gift Idea for Pennies


My daughter made this very special gift for pennies.  The possibilities are endless.  She made a 1 and a 2 to represent her and her boyfriend’s 12 month (one year) anniversary of being exclusive, which formally began with their verbal agreement on the 12th of  the 12th month.  Pretty cool huh?

Now no one think that I am promoting young dating.  She and he do not spend time together alone generally.  They ARE good and loyal friends to one another and eat lunch together at school, and enjoy times together with friends or at school functions.  They have attended church together and engaged in Bible study together and in general innocently and sweetly shared life.  We commit this relationship to the Lord, and ask for His will to be done.

Now let me tell you how she did this super cool gift which she will soon be presenting to her special guy.

Oh but first, back to the possibilities.  This can be free standing, or easily be interior wall decoration, or …..shelf decoration or book end!!

Imagine the fun possibilities.  A big family could work together to make grandparents one:





or the date that the family was established…….


I watched her work through this process but never had my phone with me, and did not take any pictures.

First she drew and cut out the front and back of her numbers.  Then she gathered her cardboard tubes which had been discarded from paper towels used.  She measured them and cut them to the depth that she wanted the numbers to be.

Then she hot glued them one at a time to the back of the number, circle side down.  Next she had to fit the front of the number directly on top of the back, over the cylindrical tubes, and use hot glue to carefully attach the front to the inside tubes.

After the front and back were attached with the cardboard cylinders providing structure, dimension, and depth, then she cut strips of cereal box cardboard to attach with masking tape, these strips as the side of the numbers.

With the   the edges and corners secured with the masking tape,  she had her base, ready for her picture collage.  The pictures were carefully adhered with Mod Podge glue, but other glues may work well I suppose.

You can see that she both carefully selected and planned how and where to put each picture.  Sometimes to taste, the edges were cut.  Sometimes the edges were carefully torn.  Some pictures were glued almost in entirety.  Some were glued in pieces.  She had an incredible amount of fun doing this, and I think it is a super cool gift!






Thank you for letting me share.

Tammy SD pink signa

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