Advice on Successfully Navigating Holiday Gatherings

Are holiday gatherings your absolute delight?  Or do you face a few with dread?

Seems most people go to some out of obligation more than joy.  Even when we are grateful to be a part of the PARTY, that is grateful to be invited… because of certain circumstances or certain personalities, we may make our way with some dread.

I am going to share some easy tips for increasing your joy, and decreasing your dread!  These tips combine advice shared with me, over the years.

Everyone feels better when prepared… be prepared:

Plan your entrance, your exit, and your mingling.

I suggest to you that if time is in your control at all, then plan to arrive when the party is in swing.  Go around, meet and greet.  Remember, if you are “polite and kind,” then etiquette standard met!  If you manage to talk about the the Lord (Christians!!) and what HE has done for you, taught you, or what you have learned or studied lately, then GOLDEN standard met!!

When filtering what you are about to say, if it is not “polite and kind,” then don’t say it, don’t do it.  Smile and excuse yourself, and walk away and pray, or smile and nod, or simply  stay and pray silently.

Also, set yourself up for SUCCESS.  Come with a plan on how to positively connect and contribute.  Bring cards to play with Grandpa Joe, your latest sewing project to show Aunt Sue, a cheap kick ball or homemade playdough to play with the kids or your guitar to entertain!  Plan ahead, and be prepared to set up positive social interactions.

After you have spread some love, light, fun, and maybe shared your favorite dish, thank the hostess(es) and say good-bye and be on your way, to your peaceful home and long to-do list.

Happy holidays!  We are indeed blessed to have any friends or family that desire to be a part of our lives, or our children’s lives.  We at Telling Hearts desire to contribute positive.  Thanks for letting us share.  If you missed other posts from this series, we invite you to follow this link >>November 2018 Series Introduction

Tammy SD sign-off 2


Do YOU have any great advice for holiday gatherings that get added to our schedule?

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