a thankful heart and hands

Once upon a time I looked upon a clay mug that I had made in art class, it’s misshapen bulk showing I clearly had no skills, and it decided that I must have would never be a crafty person. As I looked around the room at my classmates clay creations, I could see that there is no way I could measure up. I’m glad that I didn’t listen to my 12 year old self, because I have discovered that was just not true.

After my first son was born, I went to a mom and baby class where we learned how to scrapbook. I found I really enjoyed matching papers and pictures and all of the embellishments. And before long, a hobby was born. While my children were little, I was able to create lots of beautiful cages for their baby scrapbooks. I loved being creative in this way. My husband worked many evenings when the boys were small and often nights as well. It was nice to have something to do while he was working and the boys slept.

After awhile, once all my baby books were full, I realized I needed a new craft so I decided to make cards.

I loved this type of paper craft (still do!) because it was a simple and easy way to make something for someone else. I loved making cards to give them away, each one a different canvas waiting to come to life.

A few years later, my husband got the much coveted position of full time days. Not many nurses get permanent day positions, and it was such a blessing! But having him home every night meant I wanted to spend time with him, and not tucked in a basement corner alone making cards.

Shortly after he got this new position, a friend of mine broke her foot. It was awful, and she couldn’t move much. Someone taught her how to crochet so she could do something while she waited for her foot to heal. While visiting with her one day, I thought of all the things I could make if I knew how to crochet. So when I got home t night I dusted off my long forgotten crochet hook and ball of yarn my mother had given me when she’d tried to teach me a decade before. And I discovered a new love.

I started out making crooked dish cloths that rivaled that long ago clay mug that my father still has holding pens in his study. (Now that’s love, right there!) But instead of telling myself it wasn’t worth it and that I’d never be a crocheter, I kept on going. And eventually, I was one.

My first big projects were making things for my sweet boys. I look back on this blanket now and see mistakes I made. But the joy on this little face erases all of that. And in this moment… that’s when I discovered that crochet was a gift.

Life can be tricky and difficult sometimes. We have a lot of stresses in our life. But crochet is an outlet for me, it relaxes me and allows me to make beautiful things, which I can in turn give away to someone else.

Here are some of my all time favourite makes:

A set of donut pillows for a special elementary teacher.

A happy little alien named Yip Yip for my son.

A nautical bag for one of my favourite friends.

A multicoloured blanket for a lovely newlywed couple.

A baby lovey (still waiting for a home).

A tiny taco I made for my neice whose imaginary friend is a taco!

A fun hat for my teen.

A baby blanket for my best friend’s baby girl.

A sweet baby hat that looks like a little lamb.

A blanket made for one of our pastors who just had their sixth child.

The cutest little dog hat ever.

I feel blessed to be able to create with yarn anywhere I go. Outside, inside, at the doctor’s office. I often will spend time with friends who enjoy fiber arts and we will chat and work together. It’s brought me into a community of creators. It’s such a wonderful blessing to be able to create something and then give it away.

I’m so THANKFUL for this hobby of crocheting. I wonder what I’ll make next? 😊

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