November 2018 Series Introduction


November… Thanksgiving…. then Christmas…  Are you ready??

Well we know time is not gonna wait on any of us.  It is moving fast.  We are excited to invite you to join us as we, sisters of Telling Hearts, share some special posts to help you celebrate with gratitude, enjoy great food, and inspire creativity.


Pie any one? Or Pumpkin cake?

Here are links to Tammy’s blogs on the best pie crust ever, and some of her families favorite pies, as well as the pumpkin cake recipe that she searched for for two decades:

>>>PIE CRUST that I absolutely love<<<

>>>Our FAVORITE Chocolate Pie<<<


After Years of Searching, I Found My Pumpkin Cake Recipe…



Now that is some yumminess for holiday snacking!

Inspiration for holiday gift giving?

Rosie shares a favorite ministry for gift giving in this recent Telling Hearts post:

Photo courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Christmas Child

More Than A Shoebox!

More good stuff on the way….

Jerusha shares her beautiful handiwork with us, and will be an encouragement to you if considering exploring a crafting hobby:  a thankful heart and hands

Maryann Lorts wrote a sweet article about verses on JOY that are the perfect brain food to help you float through the holidays with appropriate perspective and focus  Verses About Joy,and her DELISH cranberry dish recipe is here Household Favorite: Orange Bourbon Cranberries

Tammy shares some heartfelt advice on how to get through the sometimes tiring season of winter gatherings: Advice on Successfully Navigating Holiday Gatherings

And Stacey shares a chocolate cake that has been crowd pleasing  few centuries: A Vintage Holiday Chocolate Cake

ALWAYS, the sisters at Telling Hearts welcome your visits, your comments, your shares.  If you subscribe, we’ll be tickled pink.  God bless you and yours,

The Lord's will be done, in our blog, in our hearts, and on earth, as in Heaven. His peace be with you. (from all of us at Telling Hearts)

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