After Years of Searching, I Found My Pumpkin Cake Recipe…


Pumpkin Cake ingred.

I have looked for this recipe for YEARS!  There was a bakery that I used to patronize about 30 years ago when traveling between my apartment and my parents house.  One of my favorite treats to get from there was a big ol’ slice of pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing.  I have searched and tried… and been disappointed, and yesterday I found the recipe.  I am content.  Via Natasha’s Kitchen You-Tube channel, I found the combination of ingredients!

I doubled the recipe to be as shown above.

WHISK dry ingredients, and then wet ingredients, and then whisk together to well combine.  I simply poured the batter in an oiled glass pan and baked 350* F for 45 minutes.

Here it is in the oven before cooking.



I made icing using a block of cream cheese and a stick of real butter, a splash of milk, and about one and a half to 2 cups powdered sugar blended well.  I think the bit of milk helped it fluff, and I added a cap of high quality clear vanilla extract and


was it yummy!!



This is what the cake looked like cooked.  Honestly I was so anxious to cut into this, I did not let it properly cool until I was pulling out pieces.



I put some icing in a decorator’s piping bag to garnish my first piece, and then later when cake was about room temperature, I iced most of the rest of it.

I LOVE this cake with and with out icing!!!  I left some with out icing, and will eat it like coffee cake.  I am a sucker for cake with my coffee, and am quite the coffee cake fan.



I am so excited to have found this fabulous recipe!  If you like cake, you like pumpkin, and you like smooth and moist, there is just nothing not to like about this cake.  This recipe is a keeper for me, and I will be sharing it with friends and family.


I just kept cutting it, and eating it, and I can hardly wait to make this again, but did I tell you that I really do like it even with out the icing?  This is a delicious cake!

Thanks Natasha!

Tammy SD sign-off


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