Quick and Easy Green Smoothie

IMG_4479Well here we are folks! Another few days and the calendar flips to November! Is it just me or is anyone else asking themselves, how in the world is that possible?

As we wrap up the last two months of 2018 our focus naturally shifts to all things holidays. That means much of our healthy eating can be a challenge on some days.

Fear not. All is not lost. Here is the easiest green smoothie drink anyone can whip up quickly on those days when your body is screaming for something green and healthy.

A large handful of organic baby spinach leaves

Another handful of organic kale leaves

1/4-1/2 cup organic strawberries or blueberries (fresh or frozen)

1 tsp honey or Stevia in the Raw sweetener to taste (I use one small packet of Stevia)

1 cup unsweetened 30 calorie Vanilla Almond milk

crushed ice or ice cubes (I usually use 2-3 ice cubes)

Nutri-Bullet mixer or blender

Put all the the ingredients into your blender or Nutri-Bullet. Begin blending process until  the vegetables, fruit and ice are completely dissolved. If your smoothie seems too thick, try adding a little water to the mix and blend again. Drink immediately. Your body will thank you for it!

Note: Sometimes I will add a tablespoon of a plant based protein powder to the mix for a little extra goodness.




    • I’m not sure how it would taste exactly. But I know raw ginger (grated) and fresh lemon juice is great for detox. I would leave the sweetener out. You could probably google a recipe. 😀


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