The Only Way my Daughter Ever Enjoyed Yellow Squash

20180929_131707Healthy Main Dish:

Quinoa~ multicolored grain~

This is what it looks like raw:20180929_132015

It resembles bird seed doesn’t it?  Birds would probably love it, but so does my family.  Healthy and here in Texas, it cost $4.99/ pound.  For a healthy grain, I consider that a reasonable price.  I paid a little over $5 for my bag (self measured/weighed) and made a huge dish that we ate on for almost a week, and I have more left over.

I made my dish unplanned and as an experiment really, last Sunday night.  It turned out to be so good that I decided I wanted to share it in Telling Hearts.

Quinoa is a grain similar to rice, but I noticed that when it cooked, some of it sprouted like a teeny tiny beans!  I believe that I heard that it has some protein in it in addition to the fiber that you would expect from a whole grain.


I cooked it according to directions, just like rice:

1 part quinoa,

2 parts water.

Boil first, then slow simmer in covered pot for about 20 minutes.

I drizzled in some olive oil and sprinkled some thyme in & dropped into the water quinoa mixture, some chopped veggies: yellow squash, onion, orange bell pepper.   When it was done, I stirred in some butter!

My husband and daughter loved to mix grated cheese with theirs.  I loved my home-cooked red beans and the “bean gravy,” with mine.  Me and cheese do not get along.

Ya’ll this is the ONLY way I have been able to get my daughter to eat yellow squash!

Now just IN-CASE anyone ever gets to know me well enough to know that I may never serve my husband anything with onion in it; I actually cooked half with out onion and though I put both versions in the same bowl, I literally lined green beans across the top to show my husband how the portions (with and with out onion) were set into the big bowl.

I thank God for the wonderful nutritious foods that I have access to.

Some people will pay $5 for ice-cream or cookies.  I like to buy nutritious food and offer thanksgiving to God for His rich provision for my family.

If you make some quinoa after reading this, I would be delighted for you to share your experience in the comments.

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