Best Advice from an Older Woman; collaborative series introduction

At Telling Hearts, we all agree that having older women in our life, who were more experienced, and wiser, has been a blessing.  Now we bring you wonderful tributes to exactly this RICHNESS.

This a girl talk that you don’t want to miss!

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Maryann Lorts weaves  humor and whit with sensitive and raw reality, as she reflects on some wisdom gained from her grandmother.  Her write up goes live, Monday 10-15-2018.  Here it isMusings From My Grandmother

Jerusha Borden tells true and amazing stories of her grandmother and mother, and reflects on the lofty advice that she learned from those women before her, who heroically managed to live out their advice.  Don’t miss her contribution which goes live on Wednesday 10-17-2018. Here it is  A Grandmother’s Wisdom

Tammy Dunlap tosses out numerous gems of advice and wisdom that she has treasured over the years.  Some serious, some perhaps funny but true.  Her post will be published on Friday 10-19-2018. Here it is Wisdom Reached My Ears…

Rosie Williams shares some sweet, life changing advice that has made her laugh, and cry and find peace, over the years.  You do not want to miss this.  Hers goes live on Saturday, 10-20-2018. Here it is“Be like a duck…”

Claudea of Ministry Homemaking courageously and humbly shares what may make some women cringe, or roar.  It makes her and her family purr with contentment.  Her write up will be published on Wednesday 10-24-2018. Here it is What Mama Said Changed My Life Forever

Best Advice from an Older Woman 3

No accident, but rather divine design, that we ourselves are Titus women to whom God brings to us.  Every woman will be looked up, listened to by someone, and the the Holy Spirit will supply the important words when we need them (if we belong to Him).

We at Telling Hearts, happen to belong to an online Christian fellowship of women, called Titus Women’s Gathering.  There we seek to uplift one another, share victories, and praises, and even burdens as we pray for one another or offer advice and counsel when asked for input.  We pool literary resources, read the Bible together, and just enjoy life together in our cyber-space meeting place.  New members are admitted regularly.Titus Women's Gathering (8)

>>>>>>>>Titus Women’s Gathering, link to join


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