Thought I Knew About Tithing

What I Thought I Knew About Tithing…

I’ve mentioned before, on my own blog Scribbles & Sustenance, that there have been times I’ve considered “quitting”. Throwing in the towel. I never had any plans to monetize my blog, so it was never going to be a source of income, so why keep it going? I don’t get all the views that so many bloggers brag about from time to time, and all I really ever wanted was to get out what little messages Jesus was giving me in the first place. So if I wasn’t getting the views, what good was I doing?

I began to pray about this, and a couple of other things that seems to be taking a lot of my time, yet didn’t seem to be producing anything relevant. At least, not to these old flesh eyes of mine. Finally, I just asked God, “Do you really want me to keep doing these things? With everything else that I have to do in any one given day, is it still worth the time and effort I expend for something that seems to be fruitless?”

I’ve prayed the prayer many different times lately. The words may get tossed around and changed here and there, but the question is still the same: do you really want me to keep doing this, Lord?

No Time to Serve?

I might also add at this time, I am a homeschooling, work-from-home freelance writing mom with a grown autistic son that I care for as well, who still lives with us. I really don’t have the opportunity to get out and serve in some of the ways that other women do. I can’t go and be an active part of the women’s ministry, or travel to shut-in’s or nursing homes. I can’t go driving on a whim, waiting for God to “show me” some important step that needs to be taken.

So, really, I’m not capable of doing lots of things that other people take for granted. Oh, I don’t mind my position! In fact, this is all I’ve ever really wanted out of life! But the insignificance of all that I couldn’t do seemed to keep weighing heavily on those things that I WAS doing.

Then, the answer that I had been waiting on seemed to just drop into my lap.

We had a special speaker at service the other night. He began talking about tithing. I immediately thought to myself, Well, this isn’t really something I’m concerned with, we tithe faithfully, even if we can’t make it to church. I didn’t think that in a pompous way, it just didn’t seem like something I really needed to pay attention to.

Until he said this…

Tithing Your Time

He started talking about the fact that we don’t just tithe from our wallets or pocketbooks. We can also tithe our time as well! As it turns out, one tenth of a whole day is just shy of two and a half hours. Wow. That was crazy! That was almost the exact amount of time I had been giving certain ventures that I’d been considering giving up!

How about you? Does it seem like, sometimes, you’re just too busy to give anything more of yourself? Do you ever feel like that, after all the regular life and chores are done with, there’s no time for just you and God? Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, here are a few ways you can tithe your time to God, without sacrificing all that you are already doing…

  • While doing the dishes, make it a point to pray for those who ate from those dishes.
  • When you’re tossing the laundry in the washer or dryer, or folding or putting it away, pray a special blessing over whoever wears it and whatever they happen to be doing while wearing it.
  • As you vacuum, ask the Lord to rid your life of any debris that threatens to stand in your way, or in the way of your loved ones seeing or reaching out to God that specific day.
  • When you’re bagging up and taking out the trash, as God to rid your life of any demonic interference or any other activity that doesn’t belong in your home.

These are just a few of the ways to work towards tithing a couple of hours of your time specifically for God today. On the other hand, you could also use some of that time to just say, as Samuel did, “Speak Lord, for your servant hears!” Then just listen to what He might be wanting to tell you.

There’s no telling where this simple step of obedience might lead you!

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